September 29, 2023
Millennium Falcon Day 1 Build Journal

Millennium Falcon Day 1 (Build Journal)

I have embarked on the most epic LEGO® build of my life (so far). I really feel like this project takes my hobby to a whole new level. Consequently, I decided to document the process and share it here at True North Bricks. During the recent double VIP points event, I splurged… big time. As a result, I am now the proud owner of the second largest LEGO® set of all time, the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon (75192). Needless to say, this is the iconic ship seen in the Star Wars films. The set contains 7541 bricks. Incidentally, only the Colosseum (10276) has more bricks at 9306. However, physically, the Millennium Falcon occupies more space (and costs more). Therefore, depending on your definition of “largest set”, the Falcon is still a contender. In this entry, we look at my Millennium Falcon Day 1 progress.

Millennium Falcon Day 1: the instruction manual.
Millennium Falcon instruction manual.

Mostly, I plan to build this set in the evenings after work. That does not leave much time for each session during a day. As such, day one went to building the first bag set. Interestingly enough, that was a huge undertaking. The first set of bags pulls together the ship’s main supporting structure. It took me one hour and 56 minutes to build my way through. Oddly enough, despite the time investment, you do not end up with anything that greatly resembles the Millennium Falcon. However, it is still early in the build, so the details will come.

Starting to build the Millennium Falcon is a little intimidating…

Millennium Falcon day 1 progress.

When you open up the main box, you find four smaller boxes inside. Those contain the numbered bags. To my dismay, the bags are not sequential in the boxes. You have to open all the boxes and order the bags yourself. There are 17 sets of bags. While this is not a real complaint, the set would be easier to start with if one box contained bags one to four, while the next contained four to eight, and so on. I say this because I actually found starting this build a little intimidating. Truthfully, the feeling threw me back to my childhood. I suddenly remembered how it felt the first time I tried to build Black Falcon’s Fortress all by myself. It was an odd sensation as I had completely forgotten that moment in my life otherwise.

Millennium Falcon Day 1 progress.

That is it for day one. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next entry in my Millennium Falcon build journal. In the meantime, you can watch a time lapse of my Millennium Falcon day 1 build below. Until next time,


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Time lapse video of my Millennium Falcon day 1 progress.

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