December 10, 2023
Millennium Falcon Day 5 Build Journal

Millennium Falcon Day 5 (Build Journal)

At present, I seem to be managing to get one bag set completed in a sitting. Consequently, Millennium Falcon Day 5 resulted in building bag set 5. So far, each bag number consists of four or five bags. Therefore, each bag set in this kit is actually the size of small set. With that said, the fifth set of bags felt easier to build than others. I did not have as difficult a time finding the pieces I needed. Overall, this session took me one hour and 20 minutes. As such, my total build time for the Millennium Falcon is currently eight hours and 10 minutes. Interestingly, I have not reached the halfway point yet. In fact, I am not even a third of the way through!

Millennium Falcon Day 5 progress.
Millennium Falcon Day 5 progress.

The Millennium Falcon began to resemble the actual ship today. The fifth bag set rounds out the back of the vessel and adds the lightspeed drive on the rear. It consists of trans-blue tubes mounted in a way that curves them to follow the ship’s contour. Additionally, this bag set includes some paneling for the underside of the ship with some greebling work. At present, I find some of the paneling to be a little flimsy. While nothing falls off, things do shift in place. However, that might remedy itself later. I find as I build, bits installed earlier become sturdier with later additions. We will see, I suppose.

Millennium Falcon day 5 progress.

Lesson learned today: practice what you preach. I did not learn from my mishap yesterday. I mentioned that you should always layout the bricks for each step before assembling. I mostly did that this time around. However, I did not in one of the early steps. I had leftover bricks that were meant to attach to the underside of the ship. Consequently, I had to disassemble part of the underside I had already attached in order to place the parts. This required awkwardly lifting up the model with one hand and trying attached bricks with the other. Fun times. Otherwise, the build went well, and the Falcon is more recognizable day by day. Stay tuned for the next installment of my build journal. For now, catch the Millennium Falcon Day 5 time lapse below.

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