September 25, 2023
Millennium Falcon Day 3 Build Journal


UCS Millennium Falcon day 3 coincided with the third set of brick bags. Things got interesting today as recognizable sections of the ship took shape and the first Minifigures appeared. I can tell already that Minifigures will be a contentious issue in my review. Despite the amazing detail this set has, it comes with a paltry number of characters, but I digress… The third bag set brings us Chewbacca, C-3PO, and two buildable porgs. While not really a negative issue, I wish the Minifigures came one per bag set. I like getting a new one every time a start a new section of a build.

Millennium Falcon Day 3 Minifigures.
Millennium Falcon Day 3 Minifigures

This set of bags took the longest to assemble so far. Two hours and nine minutes to be exact. I spent much of that time sifting through bricks and trying to find the pieces I needed. Each “numbered bag” in the Falcon set is actually four or five bags with the same number written on them. Consequently, each bag set is the size of a small LEGO® kit in and of itself. However, with smaller sets, you open one bag at a time. Consequently, bricks are easier to find. Conversely, here you end up with a huge pile of bricks to sort through. It feels like the LEGO® sets of my youth, before numbered bags were even a thing. It certainly prolongs the build experience, which is not a bad thing.

The ship becomes recognizable with the third bag set.

In terms of what you build, there is another landing strut. However, the main product from the third bag set is the game or common room from the movies. It is where the characters play Dejarik (the holographic, chess-like game). Additionally, you assemble an opening hatch for the underside of the ship. Opening the hatch causes a gun to lower with gravity. The most interesting build technique is the rounded hallway entrances though. The ship does not have actual brick-built corridors. You place stickers on 6×6 wall elements that give the illusion of curved halls leading away. However, around each sticker, you build the hallway entrance. The techniques used to make the entrance round are particularly neat.

I greatly enjoyed building the common room from this bag set. It is immediately recognizable and finally gives you a sense of connection between the set and the Star Wars franchise. Additionally, I got my first Chewbacca Minifigure. Previously, I received an albino wookie from one of the past advent calendars. However, this is my first actual Chewbacca (I know, weird, right?). While I love Star Wars, I have not historically collected the sets. In any case, be sure to check back soon for the fourth installment of my Millennium Falcon build journal. In the meantime, check out the Millennium Falcon Day 3 time lapse below. Additionally, you can catch up on day one and two.

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