• Diagon Alley (75978) Review

    Recently, the LEGO® Group released Diagon Alley (75978) for the Harry Potter theme. This set is massive. Honestly, each building in this kit could have been an entire set on

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  • Top 10 Biggest Sets 2020

    On September 1, 2020, the LEGO® Group released Diagon Alley (75978). With 5,544 bricks, the set leapt onto the top 10 biggest sets of 2020 list. The re-shuffling it imposed

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  • Make a LEGO® Video Game

    Back in early September, Unity beta tested an interesting new concept. They incorporated virtual LEGO® bricks into their game development platform. Consequently, anyone can make a LEGO® video game. Incidentally,

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  • Canadian LEGO® Deals (10/23/20)

    This week’s Canadian LEGO® deals (10/23/20) include some decent discounts, but nothing mind blowing. Lots of discounted Hidden Side though. If the rumor mill is true, Hidden Side will become

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  • Sesame Street (21324) Review

    LEGO® Ideas often puts out amusing licensed sets that do not fall under other LEGO® themes. The latest offering is a throwback to many an AFOL’s early childhood memories. Sesame

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  • Mini Robots (40413) Review

    The latest iteration of LEGO® Mindstorms is now in stores. To celebrate, from October 15 until November 1, 2020, spending over $100 at the LEGO® Store earns you a free

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