• Hogsmeade Village Visit (76388)

    Hogsmeade Village Visit (76388) Review

    Of all the summer 2021 Harry Potter sets, Hogsmeade Village Visit (76388) intrigued me most. I love LEGO® buildings. I was particularly fond of Diagon Alley and the customization potential

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  • Make and Shake

    Make and shake

    LEGO® Masters USA – Season 2, Episode 3: Make and Shake LEGO® Masters USA is back with another episode of destructive fun – because “if it ain’t broke….make it break!”

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  • LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar

    LEGO® Adidas Originals Superstar (10282)

    The LEGO® Group and Adidas are on a roll. Starting last September, the duo started dropping awesome LEGO® branded apparel. So far, the offerings included a kids’ clothing line as

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  • Jack and Dawn Interview

    Jack and Dawn Interview (LEGO® Masters)

    Following the elimination episode last week on LEGO® Masters, True North Bricks caught up with former contestants Jack and Dawn for an interview. With fellow fan media outlets Brickset, Brothers

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  • Everyone is awesome (40516) Review

    On May 20th, 2021 The LEGO® Group revealed Everything is Awesome (40516), a set themed around the LGBTQIA+ pride flag. Recently released on June 1st, 2021, this unique set coincides

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  • Canadian LEGO Deals (06/04/21)

    Canadian LEGO® Deals (06/11/21)

    This week’s Canadian LEGO® deals (06/011/21) include a few good deals. Most are in the 10-15% off range, but there are some better ones as well. Additionally, True North Bricks

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