• Daily Bugle Coming Soon from the LEGO Group

    Daily Bugle coming soon from LEGO Group

    I am a fan of the Superheroes themes, but primarily for the Minifigures. The LEGO® Group does not make enough buildings in the theme. We get vehicle after vehicle, even

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  • Series 21 Centaur Warrior Feel Guide

    Series 21 Centaur Warrior Feel Guide

    Welcome back to another edition of Minifigure Monday. Each week, I celebrate a different LEGO® character through art. As such, for the last several weeks, I have been photographing my

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  • LEGO x Adidas ZX 8000 Haul

    LEGO X Adidas ZX 8000 Shoe Haul

    Back in September, the LEGO® Group unveiled their first collaboration with Adidas. It featured a playful take on the classic Adidas ZX 8000 sneakers. The shoes released as a limited

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  • Canadian LEGO® Deals (05/14/21)

    Canadian LEGO® Deals (05/14/21)

    This week’s Canadian LEGO® deals (05/14/21) include a few good deals. Nothing stellar, but a decent offering. AFFILIATE DEALS As an associate of the following retailers, I earn from qualifying

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  • Friends Apartments (10292)

    FRIENDS Apartments (10292) Review

    In 2019, The LEGO® Group released an Ideas set based on the hit television series FRIENDS. The set, Central Perk, was a hit. Consequently, the LEGO® Group recently announced a

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  • Mickey and Friends Coming Soon

    Mickey and Friends Coming Soon

    The LEGO® Group just announced the latest collaboration with Disney. The new 4+ line features five new sets set for release on June 1. While many AFOLs might not find

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