March 21, 2023
Millennium Falcon Day 4 Build Journal

Millennium Falcon Day 4 (Build Journal)

Millennium Falcon day 4 came and went with the assembly of the fourth bag set. More wonderful Minifigures appeared in the form of young Han Solo and Princess Leia in her Empire Strikes Back attire. The fourth set of bags took one hour and 28 minutes for me to build. The main build here is the escape hatch room. There are two hatches. Additionally, the room also contains a rear closet and a removable floor grate. That is the grate that Rey and Finn use to hide in The Force Awakens. However, a Minifigure cannot actually fit lying down in the floor space. Consequently, you cannot hide a character under the sealed grate. I found that mildly disappointing. Otherwise, the escape hatch room looks great and features a lot of fun detail.

Millennium Falcon day 4 Minifigures

Another build in the fourth bag set is an empty room in the ship’s rear, across from the hatch room. Essentially, you assemble a floor to insert into the rear right corner. However, there is nothing else on it. Judging from the box art, nothing else goes in this space. Again, I found that disappointing. Why not fill it with another scene from the films? I am still early in the build though, so we will have to see if anything materializes in this area.

Millennium Falcon day 4 empty room build.

Millennium Falcon day 4 included the assembly of an empty room.

I learned a valuable lesson today. Always lay out the pieces needed for each step so you do not miss important little pieces. On day one, I had a leftover “double snap with hole” brick. I thought it odd at the time. Today I found where it was supposed to be as a technic beam came loose while trying to attach the escape hatch room. Consequently, I had to disassemble parts of the room in order to insert the snap. It was a minor pain in the butt. If you lay out the bricks for each step, it makes it much less likely that you will miss something important that will be hard to fix later…

Escape hatch room.

The fourth bag set provided more recognizable connections to the Star Wars franchise. Ultimately, that does make the building experience more fun. I am a little concerned about the entirely empty quarter of the ship, but I will reserve judgement until I finish the whole build. Stay tuned for the next entry in my build journal. For now, enjoy the Millennium Falcon Day 4 time lapse below, or catch up on day 1, day 2, or day 3 of the journal.

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