September 29, 2023
Millennium Falcon Day 6


Millennium Falcon Day 6 resulted in a more recognizable ship. Additionally, it got a whole lot bigger. I think the Falcon is at its full length now. Incidentally, you assemble the front section of the ship and the twin noses. At this point, they remain just frames though. The exterior detailing will come in future bag sets, no doubt. In all, the process took me one hour and 24 minutes. Consequently, my total build time is now nine hours and 34 minutes.

Millennium Falcon day 6 resulted in the twin noses of the ship.

All in all, assembling the nose sections is a little repetitive. You build two structures identical in almost every way, except one mirrors the other. The process was a bit dull as I went about it. However, the result made up for it. I can actually tell this is the Millennium Falcon today on a quick glance. Up until this point, it was small details that indicated what the build was.

Currently, the Falcon is more than half the length of my usual build table. I have seen this set built at the LEGO® Store before. I was impressed with it then. However, now it gains a whole new perspective as I build it in my own space, and I see it in relation to things in my everyday life. It is even more impressive in my mind now. I am actually going to have to rethink my camera set-ups for the time lapse videos. The Falcon does not fit in my frames anymore. Not much else to say about Millennium Falcon day 6. Check back soon for the next installment. You can also catch the time lapse of today’s build below.

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