May 29, 2023
April 2021 Haul

April 2021 Haul

It is not quite mid-April, and I have already gone LEGO® crazy. However, I have good reasons. Firstly, I found the upcoming Looney Tunes Minifigure series ahead of its actual release on April 26. Additionally, double VIP points began at the LEGO® Store. If ever you have a large purchase to make, these are the events to wait for. While I have already shared unboxing and unbagging videos on YouTube, I thought I would share a more in depth reasoning behind my April 2021 haul.

April 2021 haul: Looney Tunes Minifigure package.

Toys R Us in Canada is a great place to find new Minifigure series. Additionally, every so often they sell them early. In this case, I found the whole series two weeks ahead of the official LEGO® Group release. I spent a lot of time going through little packets and trying to find each character. I found this series more difficult than usual to feel up. However, time and patience won the day. While I will post individual feel guide videos in the near future, you can catch my unbagging and reveal video below or on YouTube.

Watch my Looney Tunes Unbagging Video:

Looney Tunes Minifigures Unbagging Video.

As many of you know, double VIP points is on at the LEGO® Store. Consequently, the day after finding the Looney Tunes Minifigures, I was back in the saddle again. On a recent trip to the LEGO® Store, I found out that their shipment for this week contained three Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon sets (75192). The set came out in 2017. Recently, rumors have circulated that the set will retire. In fact, the friendly staff at the LEGO® Store mentioned they were surprised to see more of them in store. Subsequently, I was faced with a dilemma. This could be the last chance I have to acquire the set.

April 2021 Haul: me and my Millennium Falcon!

I have dreamed of building the Millennium Falcon for four years. This year, the stars aligned and I felt it was time to take the plunge. True North Bricks recently turned five, I got my first COVID shot, and double VIP points started. I wanted to celebrate. I can’t wait to build this set. It is going to be EPIC. Now I just have to figure out where to display it… Incidentally, I have been going a little video happy lately. I am trying to get better at videography and editing. Consequently, I made an unboxing video for this set too!

Watch my Millennium Falcon unboxing video:

Check out my April 2021 haul Millennium Falcon unboxing video!

The good times are not over yet either. I will try to be good and not buy more. However, you never know what deals may come along. With that said, I have more LEGO® sets on the way. The LEGO® Group has offered me some great stuff to share with you all over the next few weeks… but that is all I will say for now 😉 What is on your double VIP points list? I would love to hear in the comments below or on social media.

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