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A Plane Comparison

Recently, I reviewed the Friends Heartlake City Airplane (41429). Prior to that, I also looked at the City Passenger Airplane (60262). When the LEGO® Group announced these sets in summer 2020, I intended to buy the City set. However, the Friends variant intrigued me as well. Ultimately, I decided to acquire both to compare the sets. Consequently, let us make

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Top 10 Favorite Minifigures of 2020

With 2020 firmly behind us, I thought we would take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights of the year. It certainly was one for books. However, despite pandemics, politics, and environmental disasters, it was not all bad. For LEGO® collectors, there were many great moments. For my look back, I decided to reflect on my top 10

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January 2021 City Sets Announced

The LEGO® Group officially announced the January 2021 City sets. Included in this wave is the new iteration of roads. The internet is abuzz about this buildable streets. There is some controversy surrounding them with some collectors wanting the baseplates of old. I will reserve judgement for now and wait to build them. However, I do wonder how these roads

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Ocean Exploration Ship (60266) Review

In summer 2020, the LEGO® Group released an ocean exploration sub-theme in the City line. The sets feature a collaboration with National Geographic. The goal of this Explore the World initiative is to inspire children to dream up solutions to the world’s conservation problems through play. Not long ago, I reviewed the Ocean Exploration Base from this collection. Sadly, it

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Arctic Explorer Minifigure Monday

Recently, I decided to update my social media banners to reflect the coming of winter. Additionally, I had an arctic explorer Minifigure already drawn and colored. I added a simple background, and presto: new banners. Given that I was working on the image anyway, I decided to offer the same Minifigure as a coloring page this week. Therefore, I present

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