September 24, 2023
Millennium Falcon Day 8 Build Journal

Millennium Falcon Day 8 (Build Journal)

On Millennium Falcon Day 8, I assembled the tenth bag set. The build consists of another series of underside panels for the ship. As with bags seven and eight, these attach using Technic rods and pins. Consequently, they also shift in place. Additionally, they are hard to attach alone. As I mentioned in the last journal entry, the underside panels almost need two people to install easily. A second set of hands lifting the ship certainly helps.

Millennium Falcon Day 8 underside paneling.

The tenth set of bags builds the underside of the two airlock corridors in the middle of the ship. One of them has the access ramp for ship entry built into it. It actually lowers, which is a neat feature to build. Additionally, you assemble the round, central section of the underside. This part includes a circular window and a gun. In total, this bag set took me one hour and 15 minutes to build. Therefore, my total build time for the Millennium Falcon is now 13 hours and 58 minutes.

I think the underside of the ship is now complete. While it was by no means a negative experience, I am none-the-less pleased that I can start working on more visible details again. Stay tuned for my next journal entry to find out what comes together next. In the meantime, check out my Millennium Falcon Day 8 time lapse video below.

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