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August 2020 LEGO® Promotions

The latest store calendar was recently released. Consequently, we now know the August 2020 LEGO® promotions! The calendar advertises three freebies as well as a new sweepstakes. Additionally, North America FINALLY gets the summer 2020 wave of LEGO® sets on August 1. While we got a taste with Jurassic World, the rest have been a long time coming. Read on

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Pick the Next LEGO® Book!

LEGO® Publishing and LEGO® Ideas are teaming up for a new opportunity. As an adult fan of LEGO®, you can now help pick the next LEGO® book! The book will specifically cater to the AFOL community. In fact, AFOL ambassadors have already been involved in the idea process. You might even know one of them who took part ;). Ultimately,

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Most Popular YouTube Brand

The LEGO® Group hit another milestone recently by becoming the most popular brand on YouTube. Additionally, the competition was not even close. The two runners up combined did not amass the same viewership. Buy Shares, an online financial education hub, collected and announced the findings. According to their research second place went to VAT19, while IDJVideos came in third. The

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Technic Osprey Cancelled

In a surprise move, the LEGO® Group announced that the Technic Osprey was cancelled. The news comes a mere 11 days before the set was scheduled to hit store shelves on August 1, 2020. The LEGO® Group released the following statement concerning the cancellation: The LEGO Technic Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey was designed to highlight the important role the aircraft

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LEGO® Build and Talk

COVID-19 has many ongoing impacts on society. One is increased screen time. Lockdowns around the world have people online more than ever. This is particularly true of children. Kids spend more time on the internet for entertainment, but also for education. E-learning relies heavily on the web. But, how do you prepare kids for it? If you are a parent

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Canadian LEGO® Deals (07/17/20)

Sadly, there is not much selection this week in Canadian LEGO® Deals (07/17/20). Very little changed from last week. Additionally, there are fewer items available across the board. There is two weeks left until the summer 2020 sets hit North America. Keep your fingers crossed that we might get some good deals on older sets then. AFFILIATE DEALS These affiliate

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