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Chinese Festival Sets

The LEGO® Group just announced two new Chinese Festival sets. The Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) and the Lion Dance (80104) release in time for the New Year. What makes this announcement particularly exciting for AFOLs is the global release. Last year, only Asian markets got the Chinese New Year sets. This disappointed many in other parts of the

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October 2019 Haul (Part 2)

Last weekend, I posted an article about my little haul for the month of October. I mentioned therein that double VIP points was on at the LEGO® Store. That meant the distinct possibility of a second little haul. That possibility became a reality with a visit to the LEGO® Store. My usual store did not get the Halloween Build-A-Mini parts

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Canadian LEGO® Deals (11/01/19)

In terms of Canadian LEGO® Deals (11/01/19) this week, the most interesting deals come from A number of hard-to-find sets that are rumored to be close to retirement have suddenly appeared at discount prices, including the Creator Carousel and Parisian Restaurant. AFFILIATE DEALS These affiliate links earn True North Bricks a small commission. That helps to keep content here

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