June 2, 2023

Creator Summer 2020 Sets

Early images of the upcoming Creator summer 2020 sets have started to surface at online retailers around the world. While these preliminary pictures are not the greatest quality, they none-the-less give you an idea of the sets that are on the horizon. This particular selection of Creator 3-in-1 kits is intriguing to say the least. Very little information is available at this point, but at least you can get a look!

31107 – Space Rover

31107 takes LEGO® fans to another world filled with green aliens. The main build for this kit features a large rover with a space shuttle or planetary station as alternate builds. Despite the abundance of space sets in last summer’s City theme, this is offers something a little different.

31108 – Camper Van

31108 offers a more Earthly adventure. This is the latest camper variant offered by the LEGO® Group. In actual fact, the kit contains two camper variants. Interestingly, the third build is a lighthouse reminiscent of Lighthouse Point from 2016. I recently built a MOC based on that set. So, if you have similar aspirations, this set might offer you the chance.

31109 – Pirate Ship

My favorite of the Creator summer 2020 sets based on these images is 31109. I love the Pirates theme. We got Pirates of Barracuda Bay earlier this year, and this set will look amazing next to it. Interestingly, the sails on this new ship are brick-built, which is a first. Alternate builds include a skull island and a pirates’ hideaway building with a water wheel. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

What are your thoughts on these new Creator summer 2020 sets? Share your thoughts below or send me a message on social media.

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