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Summer 2022 Creator 3-in-1 Sets

Three new sets are coming our way in the summer 2022 Creator 3-in-1 wave. It really looks like Creator is the new home from throwback themes. Two years ago, we got the Pirate Ship. Last year, the Medieval Castle hit store shelves. This year, a Viking ship is coming! On top of that, city builders gain an interesting noodle shop

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I stopped into Toys R Us (TRU) the other morning to see if their shelves had been restocked. Christmas shoppers and natural disaster-related supply chain shortages (at least here in BC) had left them perpetually empty. Part of the reason for the trip is that I needed to pick up some polybags for the Brick Alliance Polybag Project, a year-long

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March 2022 Creator 3-in-1 Sets

The March releases are shaping up to be quite interesting. We have already taken a look at the Speed Champions and City offerings. Next up, we take a gander at the March 2022 Creator 3-in-1 sets. This upcoming wave of sets includes six small kits ranging from $13.99 – $24.99 in Canada. No castles, pirate ships, or Viking boats this

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More 2022 Sets Revealed

It is a busy period for set reveals. We have already seen Chinese New Year, City, Friends, Monkie Kid, Super Mario, Minifigures, Architecture, and even the newest modular. In this post, we take a look at a few more 2022 sets that popped up on the LEGO site as well as some others. Interestingly, two of the sets on this

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Surfer Beach House (31118) Review

Surfer Beach House (31118)

The Creator 3-in-1 theme often produces fun buildings. The Surfer Beach House (31118) is no exception. The early images of the set intrigued me because they evoke memories of beach vacations. Consequently, this set makes a fun addition to any custom LEGO® city beach. Thinking of vacations and living vicariously through Minifigures is just about all we can do now

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Summer 2021 Creator Sets from The LEGO® Group

Summer 2021 Creator Sets

The summer 2021 Creator sets have appeared at retailers online. These images first came from European retailers. However, the information is now confirmed by the LEGO® Group. It looks like classic themes from the early days have found a new home in the Creator 3-in-1 theme. In the past, this theme provided us with numerous space sets, and last summer

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Space Rover Explorer (31107) Review

Space Rover Explorer (31107)

Summer 2020 saw a couple of really interesting Creator 3-in-1 sets. First, we got the Pirate Ship (31109). It was an amazingly detailed and nostalgic set for AFOLs. Second, we got today’s review piece, the Space Rover Explorer (31107). In terms of color scheme, the set is not reminiscent of the Classic Space sets of old. However, the Minifigure included

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Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) Review

The LEGO® Group has a long history producing NASA and space related sets. I love them. In fact, True North Bricks has reviewed many, including the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, the International Space Station, and many of the City theme kits. My personal favorite among those was the Lunar Space Station. Space exploration fascinates me. Additionally, it makes for great

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