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Haunted House (10273) Review

The Haunted House (10273) is the latest set in the LEGO® Fairground collection. The theme already includes the Ferris Wheel (10247), the Carousel (10257), and the Roller Coaster (10261). The earlier installments all fell under the Creator Expert moniker. However, Haunted House has shed that branding. The box design is markedly darker and more sophisticated. Additionally, the age limit now

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Summer 2020 Creator Pics

A while ago, I scoured the internet for pictures of the upcoming Creator 3-in-1 sets. They gave a decent first look. However, the LEGO® Group recently released official pictures and set specifics. Additionally, with the last round of pictures, I conducted some polls on Instagram to gauge interest. I have included those results below as well. Without further ado, here

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Haunted House Coming Soon

This summer, the Creator Expert line is returning to the fairground! 2015 saw the release of the Ferris Wheel, 2017 the Carousel, and 2018 the Roller Coaster. While the Creator 3-in-1 and City themes featured smaller fairground sets in the interim, this is the first large scale theme park ride in two years. This year’s attraction is the Haunted House

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Bookshop (10270) Review

Last December we published the announcement concerning the 2020 Creator Expert modular (click here to read it). This initial press release excited me. I have long wanted a bookstore for my LEGO® city. Additionally, more residences that I don’t have to customize much are great for filling out my neighborhoods. My initial plan was to get this set quickly. However,

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