June 9, 2023
Shipwreck Survivor Feel Guide

Shipwreck Survivor Feel Guide (Minifigure Monday)

It is Minifigure Monday! Each week, I celebrate a different LEGO® character through art. For several weeks, I have been photographing my way through Series 21. Additionally, I decided to provide feel guides as I go. We have already seen the Ancient Warrior, Cabaret Singer, Paddle Surfer, Alien, Violin Kid, Bee Keeper, Space Police Guy, Centaur Warrior, and Pug Costume Guy. In this tenth week, we take a look at the Shipwreck Survivor feel guide.


  • NAME: Shipwreck Survivor
  • SET #: 71029
  • THEME: Collectible Minifigures Series 21
  • COST: $4.99 CAD


The first object I felt in this blind bag was the bottle. This is the only character to have one. The other really easy feature to identify is the 1×1 round stud that makes up the center portion of the crab’s shell. There are two in the bag. Additionally, the top of the shell is one of the cupcake swirl/poo pieces seen in other sets and series. Finally, the hair piece also helps. It feels like a large, round mop end since the beard comes attached to it.

Shipwreck Survivor feel guide
New crab!


For this Minifigure, I decided to build a raft. I had a lot of 1×2 brown bricks that feature that center pinch. They were once on the Pick-and-Build wall. I used those as the logs making up the main portion of the raft. Additionally, I inserted some angular plates into the base to provide attachment points for the mast, crate, and Minifigure. The mast employs several Technic pieces and an old Pirates sail from the ’90s. I threw a net over the crate and some ropes since everything should be tied down on a raft. Finally, I used my glass patio table top as the water. I placed a thin layer of water on the glass to achieve a really reflective look, then photographed from eye level so you can’t see what is under the table. The light ripples in the water came from a fortuitous and timely breeze.

I quite like this Minifigure. He goes well with Pirates sets, but also as a modern day castaway. However, the highlight of this kit is the crab. As far as I know, that is a new piece for Series 21. I hope it starts popping up in sets and at the Build-a-Mini station soon. I love LEGO® animals. That concludes this week’s Shipwreck Survivor feel guide. What are your thoughts on the character? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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What my photoshoot actually looked like from above.

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