Minifigure Monday – My Own Beat

My Own Beat
(An original LEGO® and Harry Potter inspired limerick from True North Bricks)

I am strutting down the street,
Proud to walk on my two feet.
Don’t care for the status quo,
Nor do I go with the flow.
I rock out to my own beat.


This post was inspired by the Luna Lovegood Minifigure from the Harry Potter series.


Minifigure Monday – Towards A Better You

Towards A Better You
(An original New Year’s reflection from True North Bricks)

Many things are brought to light,
As you look back, in hindsight.
So, take a glance through that lens,
At the past year, as it ends.
Do you have a big regret?
Something you would soon forget?
Moments that were dear to you?
Perhaps you learned a thing or two?
Whatever you see through that glass,
It has already come to pass.
Use lessons learned to help you steer,
Towards a better you this year.


Take a glance through that lens…

Have a happy and safe New Year’s!


Minifigure Monday – An Inclusive Holiday Wish

An Inclusive Holiday Wish
(An original holiday greeting from True North Bricks)

It’s once again that time of year,
The time to spread some festive cheer.
Do you wait for Father Frost,
Or hope that Santa won’t get lost?
You may cheer “hyvää Joulua”,
Or even happy Hanukkah.
A joyous Kwanzaa wish for you,
And a restful Solstice too.
Go sing in Saint Lucia’s light,
Or just sleep through the longest night.
Enjoy a break from work or school,
As well as celebrating Yule.
It might just be the end of year,
And Omisoka drawing near.
Whatever be your holiday,
Season’s greetings, I will say.


Have a Mariachi Christmas.

Minifigure Monday – Living With This Infamy

Living With This Infamy
(An original LEGO® inspired poem from True North Bricks)

In the street they stop and stare,
I pretend that I don’t care.
Whispers fly from ear to ear,
I pretend that I don’t hear.
Living with this infamy,
I cling to my dignity.
Walking by, my head held high,
But, inside I want to cry.


This poem was inspired by Lloyd from the LEGO® Ninjago Movie.

Minifigure Monday – Constant Vigilance

Constant Vigilance
(An original LEGO® and Harry Potter inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Conspiracies and endless lies,
Surrounded by a sea of spies.
Be ever watchful and alert,
Or you’ll end up six feet in dirt.
Learn to not just look, but see.
Constant vigilance is key.


This poem was inspired by the Alastor Moody character from the Harry Potter series.

Minifigure Monday – If You Could Save a Memory

If You Could Save a Memory
(An original LEGO® and Harry Potter inspired poem from True North Bricks)

A memory over time will fade,
Like the Sun to evening shade.
Details vanish like the light,
Succumbing to the coming night.
But, what if you could shine a ray,
And return to that bright day?
What precious moment would it be,
If you could save a memory?


This poem was inspired by the Harry Potter series of books, and the Albus Dumbledor LEGO® Minifigure.

Minifigure Monday – Light That Pumpkin Bright

With Halloween coming up, I thought this week’s Minifigure Monday should help set the mood!

Light That Pumpkin Bright
(An original Halloween inspired poem featuring Minifigures from True North Bricks)

Tonight it is All Hallows Eve,
An eerie chill you might perceive.
Tonight the spirits wander in,
The veil between our worlds is thin.
Tonight you might receive a scare,
So go out only if you dare.
Tonight to save yourself a fright,
Make sure you light that pumpkin bright.


LEGO® Jack-O-Lantern and ghost from Minifigures Series 14.