September 29, 2023
Series 21 Space Police Guy

Series 21 Space Police Feel Guide (Minifigure Monday)

It is Minifigure Monday once again. Each week, I use this opportunity to celebrate a different LEGO® character through art. For the last several weeks, I have been photographing my way through Minifigures Series 21. Additionally, I have been making a feel guide/unbagging video as I go to help you find characters you might still be searching for. We have already seen the Ancient Warrior, Cabaret Singer, Paddle Surfer, Alien, Violin Kid, and Bee Keeper. This week, we take a look at the Series 21 Space Police Guy.


  • NAME: Space Police Guy
  • SET #: 71029
  • THEME: Collectible Minifigures Series 21
  • COST: $4.99 CAD


The first telltale object I found in this blind bag is the armor piece that goes over the chest and shoulders. Second, I found the visor (which is not attached to the helmet in the package). However, the easiest object to use in identification is probably the shield. You can clearly feel the four studs on one side and the handle on the back. Handcuffs are also easy to identify because of their characteristic crescent shape. This blind bag contains two sets of handcuffs.

Series 21 Space Police Guy
Series 21 Space Police Guy


Similar to Alien a few weeks ago, I wanted to achieve a futuristic, space-age look for this photo. I ended up going with the round corridor/airlock look again. However, rather than a coffee tin, I used a tea infuser. It is the type of infuser than sits on the lip of your tea cup as the leaves steep. I place one of my photography lamps right outside. Subsequently, I played around the with angle of the infuser relative to the light until I got a look I liked. Since the lamp was so bright, I have to counter balance it a little with the lamp on my phone so the Minifigure’s face would not be completely blacked out. My hands are a little big to fit in the infuser. Additionally, the rounded sides made balancing the Minifigure hard… and the infuser kept rolling… it was annoying at times.

Series 21 Space Police Guy is a fun character. I think it would be interesting to stock up on these guys and build a Space Police Force for a custom space station. Sadly, I do not have a space themed MOC at the moment. What are your thoughts on the character? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media. Until next time,


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