December 8, 2023
Series 21 Paddle Surfer

Series 21 Paddle Surfer (Minifigure Monday)

It is Minifigure Monday! Each week, we celebrate a different LEGO® character through art. Recently, I am photographing my way through Minifigures Series 21. As I work my way through the 12 characters, I am simultaneously providing a feel guide for what to look for in case you are still trying to find some of the minifigs. Previously, I looked at the Ancient Warrior and the Cabaret Singer. Up for analysis this week is the Series 21 Paddle Surfer.


  • NAME: Paddle Surfer
  • SET #: 71029
  • THEME: Collectible Minifigure Series 21
  • COST: $4.99 CAD


So far, this is the easiest Minifigure to identify in Series 21. The package feels thick as soon as you pick it up. Additionally, the thickest part is an easily identifiable dolphin. The blind bag also contains a second bag inside, which you can clearly feel when moving objects around. Finally, the surfboard and oar are simple to feel out. While I normally suggest feeling for two accessories before settling on an identification, the dolphin is really easy to find. This is also the only Minifigure in the series to come with one.

Series 21 Paddle Surfer


As I write this, the snow has melted away and spring is here. However, the nearby water still has ice. Consequently, summery pictures by the water are not possible. I opted for a LEGO® scene that suggested a beach instead. One of my favorite sets is the Old Fishing Store. It remains on display in my LEGO® room years after building it. I took the set outside on a sunny day to take some photos with my Nikon Z50. The above photo shows lighting achieved with the set sitting half in the shade and half in full sunlight. The image below has the set in full sunlight. Both pictures were taken in the evening. I find that is the best time of day for Minifigure photography. Sunlight is often too harsh earlier in the day.

Series 21 Paddle Surfer

What are your thoughts on the Paddle Surfer? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media. Additionally, be sure to check back in a week for the next edition of my Series 21 unbagging and feel guide.

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