December 10, 2023
May 2022 LEGO Haul

May 2022 LEGO® Haul

My last haul post was in March. I was actually good throughout the month of April and I did not make any set purchases! However, that was partly in anticipation of upcoming sets. May rolled around and I bought several new kits. Interestingly enough, two of the three big ones were not even for me. They were for my wife. I like to think her interest in LEGO® grows little by little as I drop the occasional “Oh look, honey…”. I am a little late in producing this article because my usual filming location was occupied by my latest MOC. You can catch a sneak peak of it and see my haul unboxing in the video below. Alternatively, read on for all the May 2022 LEGO® haul details!

Watch the May 2022 LEGO® Haul unboxing on YouTube.

I purchased most of this haul myself. However, the list includes one item sent by the LEGO® Group. This time around, it is not a set, rather a book. On June 14, the LEGO® Group and Chronicle Books will release The Art of the Minifigure. The book aims to celebrate “the history, evolving design, milestones, and lasting impact of the world’s favorite toy” in one volume. I have not looked at the book in depth, but I included a sneak peek in the video above. We will publish a full review soon.

Art of the Minifigure comes out on June 14, 2022.

May 2022 LEGO haul: Art of the Minifigure book.
Art of the Minifigure, sent to me for review by the LEGO® Group.

In terms of actual purchases, May kicked off with the latest entries in the Botanical Collection. As mentioned before, I continue to try and develop my wife’s interest in LEGO® as a hobby. She enjoyed the Bouquet and Bonsai Tree sets from 2021. Consequently, I suggested we plan a build night together with the 2022 Succulents and Orchid. She agreed, noting that the Orchid was really pretty. It may even earn a display place outside of my LEGO® room. Personally, I wanted the Succulents because there appears to be a lot of NPU (nice parts usage). Additionally, the build techniques for the plants lend themselves well to MOC jungle scenes.

I made sure to order the Orchid and Succulents immediately on May 1. It was the right call. As I am writing this, both sets are sold out on the official LEGO® site. However, I placed two separate orders for them since I had some VIP points codes to redeem. Firstly, I had acquire my VIP rewards hat. Additionally, I had a code for my collectible City tin plate. I earned the first tin plate with my Black Friday order. Despite my initial reservations with the first plate, I decided to collect the others. I have unfilled wall space in my LEGO® room, and the art on some of these plates is nice. I will wall mount them. My third order for May included a second tin plate.

Have to order those big sets on day one or risk having them sell out!

Speaking of my third order, I purchased Starry Night. My wife loves Van Gogh’s art, and she requested to build this one. Truthfully, I would have bought it anyway. It is such a beautiful piece. However, I am thrilled that my wife wants to build it and specifically requested it. More building together! I had my reservations about the initial fan concept for this Ideas set. However, the finished retail model sold me on the concept. I can’t wait to see it fully assembled. Incidentally, Starry Night is also out of stock on the LEGO® site as I write this… glad I ordered it on day one.

Finally, Starry Night earned me the two GWPs for the month of May. I already had a copy of the Children’s Amusement Park sent to me by the LEGO® Group for review. I do not really like the set, but who turns down free bricks? Additionally, I acquired the Ideas Cosmic Carboard Adventures kit. While still not a set I was dying to have, it appeals to me more than the Children’s Amusement Park. I was going to buy Starry Night anyway, so might as well get some extra bricks with it.

What am I looking forward to most in my May 2022 LEGO® haul? I think the build time with the wifey will be the best part. However, I love the look of the Succulents. What a cute set. I also think Starry Night will be stunning once complete. Did you check off any items from your wish list recently? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media. Also, don’t forget to check out the video above for a sneak peek at my next MOC!

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May 2022 LEGO® haul.

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