May 30, 2023

March 2022 Haul

Since January, I have been gathering myself a set of VIP collectors’ coins using VIP points. Since the points redemption system only allows you to add one reward per order, I had to make several purchases over the last few months to get all the coins and the display case. Thankfully, the LEGO® Group had no shortage of amazing sets to add to my wish list. The coins turned into a bit of an excuse to order all the sets I was dreaming of. However, my March 2022 haul saw the last of the coins arrive. I will discuss my thoughts on the coins in a future post. For now, take a look at all the wonderful goodies that I acquired.

Despite knowing March contained a double VIP points event, I made two purchases early on. Firstly, I made a smaller order to get one of my coins. I had a deadline to order all the coins in early March so my redemption codes would not expire. On March 1, I ordered the Lunar Space Station and Lamborghini Countach. I loved the previous Lunar Space Station from 2019. Consequently, the new edition was a must have. Additionally, it looks amazing with the glass section. I love the LEGO® City space sets.

March 2022 haul: Lunar Space Station

The Lamborghini Countach was my favorite car as a kid. While I wish the LEGO® Group produced this set in red, I am still thrilled to have the model. I picked up the Huracan set in 2020… but secretly wished it was a Countach. Dreams do come true it seems. Now my sig fig can cruise around in two different Lambos. With the instructions, I can probably build a red one easily enough.

The second early purchase was made to ensure that I acquired the Jane Goodall Tribute. I wanted to be sure it did not go out of stock before double VIP points rolled around. Consequently, my first purchase came on the day the Jane Goodall Tribute became available. Jane Goodall was an inspiration to me earlier in my life, so the set was a must. I met Dr. Goodall twice in the past, and both experiences left me amazed at her drive, passion, and all she has accomplished.

Jane Goodall Tribute (40530)

In order to acquire the Jane Goodall Tribute, I ordered the City set I’ve been waiting for since December when the first teasers came out. This is the epic Lunar Research Base. As mentioned before, I love the City space sets. Additionally, the upcoming NASA Artemis missions inspired these ones. One of the goals of Artemis is to establish a base on the moon. Think of all the amazing future engineers, scientists, and astronauts a set like this will inspire. I would have loved this as a kid… heck, I love it as an adult! Of all the space themed sets out this month, this was my most anticipated.

March 2022 Haul: Lunar Research Base

Intentionally, I left the largest space set for double VIP points weekend. At that point, I had all my coins. However, I am not one to pass up double points. I went to the LEGO® Store this time around since I had no more codes to redeem. Truthfully, I am not as crazy about this set as some of the others in the wave. It is my third favorite. It tops the Lunar Roving Vehicle (which is fairly similar in appearance to the Creator 3-in-1 Space Rover Explorer). However, it falls behind the other two. I like rockets, but this one doesn’t look like it accommodates Minifigures. Ground control and the launch scaffolding look great though.

March 2022 Haul: Rocket Launch Center

The weekend following double VIP points brought AFOL shopping day. As if I had not shopped enough this month… For those who don’t know, AFOL shopping day occurs a few times a year for members of recognized LEGO® user groups (RLUGs). I might have been inclined to skip this particular event. However, it was the last time AFOLs get a discount on this particular day. Moving forward, the event will be AFOL Appreciation Day. Instead of a discount, there will be an exclusive gift-with-purchase. For more details, you can read the scoop by clicking here. In any case, AFOL shopping day used to be a great time to fill pick-a-brick cups and buy Minifigures at a lower price. So that’s what I did.

After three months of pretty big hauls, I think I might cool it for a bit now… I have a lot to build through. Of course, the new Jurassic World sets hit stores in late April… and you never know what sales you might find in the meantime… Who am I kidding? Hi, my name is Tom and I’m a LEGO®-addict. It has been three days since I last bought some bricks. How about you? Did you make a March 2022 haul? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media. You can also catch the unboxing video for these goodies below.

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2 thoughts on “March 2022 Haul

  1. I bought 30-40 pounds(I have yet to weigh it) of Lego Friends(and a few Elves sets) sets off FB marketplace for my daughter for $200. I added up the cost of the sets at release and they came to $1600 +HST.

    There was also one stormtrooper randomly mixed in their for me lol

    1. That’s a great find! I actually quite enjoy buying bulk lots like that and trying to figure out what sets are included. I then complete them for missing parts on Bricklink. It’s a fun hobby. Glad you at least got a stormtrooper out of it😂

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