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October 2020 VIP Haul

It has been months since I last shared a LEGO® haul post. In truth, I have not been making “haul” purchases much lately. Most sets I buy are one-offs as I find good deals. Additionally, the LEGO® Group has really spoiled me this year. True North Bricks’ Recognized Fan Media status has brought a lot of review sets my way.

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December 2019 Haul

It is already January 2020, and I have not yet posted my haul article for December 2019! However, there is a good reason for this. I still do not have all my December haul. One of my Christmas gifts has yet to arrive. My family ordered the City Ski Resort set (60203) for me, and it vanished in the mail.

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November 2019 Haul

This past month saw many great deals. Retailers started their pre-Black Friday sales and double VIP points took place at the LEGO® Store. However, I resisted temptation. My goal this year: Black Friday and the 1989 Batmobile. This is, in my mind, the best deal of the weekend. Even though there was no actual sale on the set, I got

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October 2019 Haul (Part 2)

Last weekend, I posted an article about my little haul for the month of October. I mentioned therein that double VIP points was on at the LEGO® Store. That meant the distinct possibility of a second little haul. That possibility became a reality with a visit to the LEGO® Store. My usual store did not get the Halloween Build-A-Mini parts

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