June 5, 2023

November 2021 VIP Weekend Haul

Every year, the LEGO® Group hosts a VIP weekend a week in advance of Black Friday. It usually brings with it double VIP points on all purchases, as well as some fun gifts-with-purchase (GWPs). This year, fans gained early access to the Christmas GWP and a retro tin LEGO® sign. Additionally, the VIP rewards center offered a Vintage Camera set redeemable for 2000 VIP points. I happened to take advantage of all of these promotions with my November 2021 VIP weekend haul.

November 2021 VIP weekend Vintage Camera
Vintage Camera set available for 2000 VIP points. ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

First up, let’s talk about the Vintage Camera. So far, all I can discuss is the picture. To get one, you have to log into the VIP rewards center on the LEGO® website. Once you fork over the 2000 points, you get a voucher code. On your next order, you enter the code when checking out, and the set is added to your next shipment. Consequently, I do not have the set yet. However, it looks fun and has some MOC potential as a sign or something in my city. The jury is out on whether it is worth 2000 points or not. Essentially, you spend $20 worth of points to get it. I will be sure to share my thoughts on it once I get my hands on the physical copy.

You have to spend $220 to get the Santa’s Backyard GWP.

The lowest price point GWP this weekend was Santa’s Backyard (40484). Incidentally, that “lowest price point” was not that low. You have to spend $220 to get one. After all the Christmas GWPs I have seen over the years, I have to admit I was neither here nor there about this one. I pictures alone did not inspire me to get this. I like the vignette concept. However, the brick-built reindeer turns me off. With such a clamor by fans to get the reindeer figurine included with Santa’s Sleigh, this set should also include one. That inclusion would make this set a must-have for many fans, myself included.

The second GWP is a retro tin LEGO® sign. Seeing the pictures, this offer had me excited initially. This is a neat little sign to put up somewhere in my LEGO® room. However, you need to spend $330 to get one. That is a lot of money. Now that I actually have one, I feel like the price point is too high for what it actually is. Perhaps if this was an embossed vanity plate or something for my car, that would justify $330. But, it is not embossed. Additionally, the worn edges are printed details that look fine from a distance, but not as good close up.

You have to spend $330 to get the Retro Tin Sign GWP.

I made the minimum purchase in order to qualify for both GWPs. I swung by the LEGO® Store and am now the proud owner of the Batmobile Tumbler (76240). This set was recently announced, but has been sold out online ever since its release. My local LEGO® Store had them in stock, so I picked one up to rack up my VIP points. Since large sets like this hardly ever go on sale, it is always best to pick them up during a double points event in order to double your cashback on future purchases. I’m looking forward to seeing this next my 1989 Batmobile.

November 2021 VIP weekend haul

I have to say, the price point for this years GWPs was high. Comparatively, last year you needed to spend $150 to acquire the Charles Dickens Tribute, and $200 for the 2×4 Brick in Teal. The Dickens set featured 333 bricks, while this year’s set offers 317. You can hit $200 with two decently sized sets. Nothing short of a Tumbler or Home Alone expert level set will get you to this year’s threshold. I planned to buy the Tumbler during the next double points event anyway, so I just qualified for these GWPs as a result. If the Tumbler had not been on my wish list, I might have let these offers pass. How do you feel about this year’s GWPs? Did you make a November 2021 VIP weekend purchase? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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