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May 2022 LEGO® Haul

May 2022 LEGO Haul

My last haul post was in March. I was actually good throughout the month of April and I did not make any set purchases! However, that was partly in anticipation of upcoming sets. May rolled around and I bought several new kits. Interestingly enough, two of the three big ones were not even for me. They were for my wife.

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2022 Botanical Collection Announced

The LEGO® Group announced two more sets due on May 1. We previously discussed the Friends Space Academy set. Today, we learn of the 2022 Botanical Collection. These new sets join the ranks of the Bouquet, Bonsai Tree, and Bird of Paradise released in 2021. This year, we get the Orchid and Succulents. While I have not purchased the Bird

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