December 3, 2023
Flower Bouquet (10280) review

Flower Bouquet (10280) Review

The LEGO® Group released a couple of botanical sets in early 2021. I already reviewed the Bonsai Tree (10281). However, back in March I also purchased the Flower Bouquet (10280). This particular set appealed to my wife, so I set it aside for her to enjoy. She took some time to assemble the kit recently, and even put it on display in a vase with some extra trans-blue bricks I had lying around. This week, we take a closer look at the set.


  • NAME: Flower Bouquet
  • SET #: 10280
  • THEME: Creator Expert (18+)
  • COST: $69.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 756
  • RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2021
Flower Bouquet (10280)


  • VALUE: 89% (Great value per brick and good value per minute of build time.)
  • BUILD: 85% (Great techniques and piece use, but assembly may pose challenges.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 100% (Lovely display piece for any home and requires zero care.)
Flower Bouquet (10280) Snapdragon
LEGO® Flower Bouquet Snapdragon


VALUE: 89%

The Flower Bouquet costs $69.99 in Canada. Additionally, the kit comes with 756 pieces. The resulting cost-per-brick is $0.093. Compared to LEGO® sets in general, that is great. My average cost-per-brick is currently $0.14. Compared to other adult-oriented sets, it does not fare quite as well. However, it remains it good value even viewed in that light. Incidentally, my average cost-per-brick for 18+ sets is $0.098. Taking both factors into consideration, the Flower Bouquet gives you an excellent number of bricks for the price. I rate it at 91%.

My wife spent two hours and five minutes piecing the bouquet together (125 minutes total). At full price, the cost-per-minute of build time works out to $0.56. Comparatively, my average cost-per-minute across all themes is $0.83. For the 18+ collection, it is $0.55. Therefore, in a general comparison, the build time is good. However, it is just below average compared to 18+ sets. I rate the build-time value at 86%. Averaging this with the cost-per-brick score gives an overall value rating of 89%.

LEGO® Flower Bouquet Rose
LEGO® Flower Bouquet rose.

BUILD: 85%

As mentioned earlier, my wife built this set. Consequently, this section is based on her observations.

The set is fun to build. The use of traditional LEGO® bricks in new ways makes for an interesting experience. It is neat to recognize parts like Pteranodon wings and car hoods from other sets, and then see them in a new light as flower parts. Additionally, it is fitting that the set employs plant-based plastic in places. Finally, the ability of the rose blooms to open up adds some nice variability to the display.

LEGO® Flower Bouquet Lavender
LEGO® Flower Bouquet Lavender

In terms of challenging aspects, the lavender flower was the most difficult. The small flower pieces pop off very easily and get lost on the floor. The aster also requires close attention when following the instructions. Some small leaf bricks attach alone to a modified 1×1 plate, while others sandwich it. If you are not careful, you will find yourself running out of purple leaves and then having to rebuild your flower. The final contentious issue with the build is the color of parts in the instruction manual. This issue is most evident with the snapdragon. The shades of the bricks are not distinct enough in print. Consequently, you may find yourself rebuilding the flower after misplacing bricks. However, these are likely issues for less experienced builders.

LEGO® Flower Bouquet Aster
LEGO® Flower Bouquet Aster

The techniques used to assemble these flowers are interesting and informative. You can even use some of the techniques for tree-type vegetation in custom city designs. Ultimately, the negatives are not astounding, but are present. Experienced builders may not have the same issues though. However, for adults getting into the hobby, they present minor challenges. I rate the build at 8.5/10 (85%).

LEGO® Flower Bouquet Common Daisy
LEGO® Flower Bouquet Common Daisy


Like the Bonsai Tree, the Flower Bouquet is purely an AFOL display item. Consequently, I will not attempt to give it a KFOL score. Also like the Bonsai Tree, my wife likes this set enough to display it outside my LEGO® room, and on the dinner table no less. The Flower Bouquet makes a great showpiece and conversation starter in your living or dining room. It is perfect for AFOLs who like to show their hobby around the home. Additionally, these flowers look great indefinitely with zero care. Perhaps you will have to dust them once in a while. Whether you generally like flowers or not, these add some bright, creative décor to your home. Entertainment value = 100%.

LEGO® Flower Bouquet California Poppy
LEGO® Flower Bouquet California Poppy


The Flower Bouquet (10280) is a great display piece that comes at a good value. You get a lot of bricks for the price, and a decent amount of build time to boot. Though the set has less bricks than the Bonsai Tree, the intricate details and small pieces translate into more build time overall. If I had to pick between the two sets, I like the Bonsai Tree more. However, as my wife points out, the Flower Bouquet is more versatile in terms of display. She likes both sets equally. What are your thoughts on the Flower Bouquet and the Botanical Collection? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

Until next time,


Flower Bouquet (10280)
LEGO® Flower Bouquet on display in vase with trans-blue bricks (not included in set).

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