September 29, 2023

Are VIP Coins Worth it?

Today, we have a haul post of a different sort. These are not set purchases, rather they are VIP points redemptions. Since January, I have been redeeming points for VIP collectors’ coins. You might recall the coins were originally available in 2021. However, stock quickly ran out. Consequently, the LEGO® Group reissued the series in the Rewards Center on January 11, 2022. I was on the fence about the coins during their original 2021 run. Afterwards, I felt like I missed out. When they came around again, I decided to bite the points bullet. I ordered all of them, as well as the coin display case. The question arises, are the VIP coins worth it? Now that I have them, I will take a moment to answer that question.

Firstly, why did it take so long to get the coins? As many of you know, the VIP redemption system has a major flaw. Every time you redeem your points for something, you get a code. However, you can only redeem one code on any given purchase. More often than not, that is not an issue. But in this case, it was. I had to make six separate purchases in order to redeem my six items. Three orders made up my January haul, one came in my February haul, and two came in the March haul. Granted, I ordered a lot more than I needed to. Technically, you can order a simple keychain to redeem a code. I used the coins as a bit of an excuse to get items on my wish list…

It took me about two months and six orders to collect them all…

In terms of the coins themselves, three are gold (LEGO®, Pirates, and Castles) and two are silver (Octan and Space). Each comes in a standalone case. I think that is nice since not everyone will collect all of the coins. I didn’t really need the Octan coin. However, I planned to get the other coins, so I decided to complete the set. The coins are not really meant for handling. I did though, since I transferred each from its individual case into the collective display. They have some weight to them, though I doubt they are made from any precious metal.

Are VIP coins worth it? Rear view of two coins.
Rear view of one silver and one gold colored coin. The rear design of all coins is identical.

So, back to the original question. Are VIP coins worth it? For me, yes. Incidentally, I love collectibles. I have several collections of things… Additionally, these coins look great on display together. I think it is a unique item to have showing your LEGO® fandom. I fully intend to keep these coins on display in my LEGO® room. They are also worth a fair amount it seems. I have no intention of selling my collection. But I do gain a certain satisfaction from the idea that I could get a fair amount for them if I wanted to. To give you an idea, upon publication the average value for each coin on Bricklink is:

  • Pirates coin: $48.00 CAD
  • Space coin: $45.44 CAD
  • Octan coin: $37.20 CAD
  • Castles coin: $51.80 CAD
  • LEGO® coin: $52.82 CAD
  • Coin holder (for all coins): $47.44
  • Total: $282.70 CAD

Are VIP coins worth it? I think so 🙂

Did I really need a collection of LEGO® coins? No, but I am happy to have them all the same. They also made the shopping process a little more amusing. I checked the online store frequently to try and catch items from my wish list when they were in stock before my redemption deadline. Additionally, I also have another fun conversation piece in my collection now. I am not sure where their permanent display will end up. For now, they sit next to the VIP tin plate from my November 2021 haul. Did you collect any or all of the coins? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

Until next time,


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