June 5, 2023

January 2022 Haul

Watch the January 2022 haul unboxing on YouTube.

January is an amazing month for LEGO® purchases. Not only do you get a fresh wave of sets, you also get a load of clearance sales as retailers make room for said wave of fresh sets. I made a number of purchases this month. One of those does not appear in this article. I already built and reviewed my first purchase, the City Hospital. However, a lot of other good stuff came my way. Therefore, today we take a look at my January 2022 haul, minus the Hospital.

January 2022 haul

Initially, I planned to drag out the purchasing process. However, the LEGO® Group re-released the collectible VIP coins. As many of you know, they vanished fast the first time they appeared in the rewards center. Subsequently, prices for them soared on secondary markets. When they came back, I jumped at the opportunity to grab them all. However, there is a catch to ordering them all. You get a code for each, but you can only redeem one code per purchase. As such, I have to buy my sets one at a time before early March. Incidentally, my codes expire in early March. The other hitch resides in low stock. Most of the sets I want are sold out. Consequently, I am sharing my coin related purchases as they stand. Along with my coins, I also got the month’s freebies.

January 2022 haul gifts with purchase and rewards.

I am slowly collecting all the VIP coins, one set order at a time.

In order to get my gifts-with-purchase and coin collection case, I ordered the Friends Main Street Building (41704). This earned me my first Year of the Tiger (40491). I do not often purchase Friends sets. I don’t like mini-dolls. With that said, Friends sets often have amazing accessories, great hairpieces (which are minifig compatible), and loads of awesome bricks. This particular set is also something fresh for Friends. It is more like a Creator 3-in-1 or City set. I like the kits that feature several buildings. This set checks off all those boxes.

Next up in my January 2022 haul was a must have. I ordered the Creator 3-in-1 Majestic Tiger (31129). The tiger is my favorite animal, it has been since high school. This set looks phenomenal. I can’t wait to see how it comes together. Additionally, I have undertaken a project to learn LEGO® anatomical builds. More specifically, I want to learn to build dragons. However, this set will probably help me with potential limb structures.

Speaking of dragons…

I also ordered an older set which scored me my second Year of the Tiger set, as well as the Monkie Kid’s Underwater Journey (30562) polybag. The LEGO® Group offered that one with Ninjago and Monkie Kid sets earlier in January. To earn it, I ordered the Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon (71721). As mentioned before, I want to learn to build dragons. I have a few such sets stockpiled already, but this one looks so cool. Besides, why not learn how to build an undead dragon too?

The rest of my haul consists of liquidation sets. In case you had not noticed, Vidiyo kits have been drastically marked down of late. The LEGO® Group will discontinue the entire theme on January 31. Therefore, if you were eyeing any of the sets, now is the time to pick them up. I like pirates, so I bought the Punk Pirate BeatBox (43103). Additionally, I loved the Alien DJ Beatbox, so I ordered two more of those. I want a little army of them. For that reason, I also bought the Beatbox (43115) when I found it significantly discounted at Toys R Us. It comes with an alternate version of the Alien Dj who can lead my little army.

Finally, I made a Bricklink purchase just for fun. I found a good deal on mammoths. They originally came out in set 60195, the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base. The set was too expensive to buy several at the time. But, I always felt like I wanted a herd. Now I have three. Did you make any purchases this month? Share your January 2022 haul in the comments below or reach out on social media. I’ll be sure to share the next stage of my coin haul in February.

Until next time,


My two new mammoths.

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