September 29, 2023

February 2022 Haul

February has come and gone. However, in that short month, I still managed to amass some more LEGO®. Partly, that was in order to continue redeeming my VIP collector’s coins. However, I also finally received my Bricklink Designer Program order. Additionally, I made one purchase simply because the set has been perpetually on backorder since January, and I found it in store. So, without further ado, here’s my February 2022 Haul!

See the unboxing of my haul on YouTube.

First up, my VIP coin order. I now have three of the five coins. The final two will arrive with my March 2022 haul. This round, I ordered the Globe. I was not 100% sure if I would order this set. I really like the look of it. Additionally, I think it will make an amazing display piece somewhere in the house. However, I do not have endless display space. In the end, all the other sets I wanted more were out of stock during the Vintage Taxi promotion. I also needed to order something last month so my coin redemption code would not expire. Consequently, here we are…

Second, I have a set that I forgot to include in my unboxing video. I was so excited about the arrival of my Bricklink Designer program set that I completely forgot about this one. There’s an #AFOLproblem for you… You have such a large pile of shame that you don’t even remember the most recent additions to it. Shameful… But, I digress. I found City of Lanterns at my local LEGO® Store on a recent trip. Prior to finding it in the shop, it was perpetually sold out online. Go figure, as soon as I buy it, it comes back online and I could have used it to get another of my coins…

Finally, le pièce de résistance, the Castle in the Forest. I ordered this all the way back in July 2021. Incidentally, it was part of the first round of crowd-funding for the Bricklink Designer Program. For a few months now, the LEGO® Group sent me update after update about my order being delayed. Finally, the set arrived, and just in time to make this haul post too! Castles was a very close second to Pirates in terms of my favorite themes growing up. Consequently, I am thrilled to get this set, which includes Black Falcon knights.

March is already shaping up to be a huge month. If the store promotion rumors are true, there are a number of great purchase opportunities coming with some amazing GWPs. While many new sets came out March 1, I am waiting until March 3 to order since that is the date the Jane Goodall Tribute comes out. Additionally, there is a double VIP points event on the horizon. Did you make a February 2022 haul? Are you waiting for a March promo? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

Until next time,


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