September 25, 2023

March 2022 Promotion Rumors

The LEGO® Group cancelled the monthly store calendar early in 2022. Consequently, planning purchases to coincide with major promotions has become difficult. However, I went digging and have come up with a list of potential March 2022 promotion rumors for you. While my source for this information has been very reliable in the past, please take the following information with a grain of salt. Nothing is set in stone yet. With that said, the following “calendar” may help you plan all the same. At least you can wait and see if a promo comes to fruition or not. March looks like it has a lot of great promos, including a Jane Goodall tribute and a double VIP points event!

UPDATE: This article has been updated upon confirmation of promotions, as well as with the double VIP points sets for the month.

March 2022 promotion rumors



  • Jane Goodall Tribute (40530) free with purchases over $150 CAD until March 15 (or while supplies last). UPDATE: This promotion has been confirmed.
Image ©2022 The LEGO® Group


  • Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform (30389) free with Super Mario purchases over $50 CAD until April March 24 (or while supplies last). Apart from the end date, this promotion has been confirmed.
  • Added after publication: Mar10 coins available from March 10 – 13 , 2022 at the LEGO® Store. Going to a store with your LEGO® Mario or Luigi figurine and waving to the in-store Mario cutout earns you a free collectible coin. Alternatively, you can take a picture with the cutout to get one.
March 2022 promotion: Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform
Mar10 coins available at the LEGO® store.
Images ©2022 The LEGO® Group.


  • Double VIP Points on all purchases until March 14. UPDATE: This promotion has been confirmed.


  • Vintage Taxi (40532) free with the purchase of Assembly Square (10255), Bookshop (10278), or Boutique Hotel (10297) until April 7 (or while supplies last).
  • Easter Chicks (40527) free with all purchases over $80 CAD until April 11 (or while supplies last). No image available yet.
  • Easter Bunny (30583) free with all purchases over $50 CAD until April 16 (or while supplies last).


Images ©2022 The LEGO® Group.

The return of the Vintage Taxi is interesting. While reissues of GWPs are not unheard of, I think this is the shortest turnaround I have seen for one. Additionally, you stand to acquire the set at a lower price point this time around if you are on the market for the Bookshop. You’ll remember, the Vintage Taxi came free with purchases over $255 CAD during the last round, and the Bookshop costs $199.99.

Personally, I am most hyped about the Jane Goodall tribute and the double VIP points event. Interestingly, the two overlap as well. However, the overlap occurs at the tail end of the Jane Goodall offer, so I don’t know if I would risk waiting that long. I think Jane will be popular and stocks might run out before the double VIP points comes around. Alternatively, waiting until March 25 will score you three GWPs if you are on the market for a modular. Are you looking forward to these March 2022 promotion possibilities? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media. Also, remember these offers should be treated as rumors until the LEGO® Group officially makes announcements.

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