June 5, 2023

Bricks Don’t Lie – Fantasy Minifigures Series

Welcome back to another week and another Minifigure Monday. This is a weekly column where I share artworks inspired by the classic LEGO® Minifigure. It is now week ten of my Fantasy Minifigure Series where I am drawing some of my favorite artists from the music industry in Minifigure form. In total, I will share twelve drawings, as if this was a complete collectible Minifigures series. In previous installments, I shared Build On, #FreeBRICKney, Brick It Up, Hollabrick Girl, S.N.O.T. Criminal, Heart of Brick, Kid Brick, Jagged Little Brick, and Weird Al Yankobrick. This week, Bricks Don’t Lie with my rendition of Shakira.

Shakira was another crush in my late teens. A friend who was obsessed with the song Eyes Like Yours introduced me to Shakira’s music. Then, I heard Wherever, Whenever. It was particularly catchy at the time, and the video was quite the teenage boy’s dream. However, it was not until years later that I really became a fan. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) converted me. I had spent time in South Africa by that point in my life, and the song held special meaning for that reason. Later, the friend who introduced me to Shakira passed away from cancer. Now, Shakira’s music reminds me of my friend.

Wherever, Whenever inspired the look for Bricks Don’t Lie.

Bricks Don't Lie sketches and inspiration screenshots from Shakira's Wherever, Whenever Video.
My preliminary doodles and screenshots from Shakira’s Wherever, Whenever video that inspired my drawing.

The inspiration for my drawing came primarily from the Wherever, Whenever video. It was the first song from Shakira that I really liked after all. However, Hips Don’t Lie is another well know track from Shakira. It inspired the name for my piece. The face and hair I decided on hail from the now defunct Vidiyo theme. The Candy Mermaid Minifigure to be precise. The hair blowing in the wind and ocean theme fit well with my idea for this picture. This picture was tricky, and I found it hard to capture Shakira as a Minifigure. The block-form makes it hard to capture to look and moves Shakira is known for.

Bricks Don't Lie
Bricks Don’t Lie. This is an original artwork which cannot be used or reproduced in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

I spent a little more time on the background for this image than usual. While the Wherever, Whenever video features many backgrounds, I remember it best for the splashing waves behind a dancing Shakira. I have never drawn ocean spray before, so I did a quick online tutorial to figure it out. In the end, Shakira made my Fantasy Minifigure Series partly for the songs of hers I’ve enjoyed over the years, and partly for the friend I lost. She would have appreciated this character. Who makes your fantasy minifig list? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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Brickstock Fantasy Minifigures Series
Brickstock Fantasy Minifigures Series. This is an original artwork which cannot be used or reproduced in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks

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