September 29, 2023

Build On – Fantasy Minifigure Series

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of LEGO® characters through art. However, for the next few weeks, I am straying from actual LEGO® Group fare. I often draw for my own amusement. Many of my illustrations never make it to True North Bricks. Sometimes, I share them with close friends. However, a lot remain behind the scenes. Recently, I noticed that I had turned several musical artists into Minifigures. I reflected on how fun it would be to see them in an actual LEGO® Minifigures series. Of course, that is unlikely to ever happen. The licensing fees for the likenesses would be astronomical. All the same, I figured I would share my fantasy Minifigure series of musicians. First up: Build On, inspired by the Demon of Screamin’, Steven Tyler.

My Steven Tyler minifig sketch was inspired by outfits from the Nine Lives era and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

Growing up, Aerosmith was the be all and end all of music for me. Consequently, band posters and magazine cut outs plastered my walls. I have seen Aerosmith in concert five times. For many years, I was even a member of Aero Force One, the official fan club. While I am no longer the hardcore fan of my youth, I still really like Aerosmith. Naturally, a Minifigure inspired by the band eventually materialized on my sketch pad. Steven Tyler was the epitome of cool in my teenage mind. Nine Lives (1997) was one of my favorite albums, so it inspired this drawing a little. Additionally, years later, I loved the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith video game. Consequently, I used aspects from Steven Tyler’s game outfit as well.

I debated the slogan for this image a bit.

Build On final drawing.
Build On. This is an original artwork which cannot be used or reproduced. ©2021 True North Bricks.

I debated the slogan a little on this piece. In this case, I made a play on the title of Aerosmith’s first major hit, Dream On. It was fitting as the slogan on my first musician Minifigure. I drew the wording out in script like the Aerosmith logo. However, my second choice was “Falling on Bricks (is Hard on the Knees)”. I thought perhaps Build On was more recognizable. The jury is still out on whether I made the right choice. What do you think? Who makes your musical fantasy Minifigure series? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media. Also, tune in next week for the next reveal in my Fantasy Minifigure Series. For a teaser, you catch the end of my Brickstock – Episode 1 YouTube video 😉

Until next time,


Brickstock Fantasy Minifigures Series. This is an original artwork which cannot be used or reproduced. ©2021 True North Bricks.

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