September 29, 2023

Kid Brick – Fantasy Minifigures Series

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of the amazing LEGO® minifig! In the past, my posts focused on actual characters developed by the LEGO® Group. However, I have been pushing my own creativity for the last few weeks. I am designing my own Fantasy Minifigure Series based on my favorite music entertainers. Each artist included meant something to me at some point in my life. I have already shared Build On, #FreeBRICKney, Brick It Up, Hollabrick Girl, S.N.O.T. Criminal, and Heart of Brick. This week, my entry in the Fantasy Minifigure Series is Kid Brick.

The inspiration for this week’s post comes from my college and undergrad days. Shortly after finishing high school, I discovered Kid Rock. This was back during his rock-rap phase. I do not know why the music resonated with me. It was more crass that anything else I listened to. However, I like it. Ultimately, one of the things that kept me listening album after album was that Kid Rock evolved as an artist. Oddly enough, his evolution coincided and matched my own changing taste in music. While I still listen to the “old” stuff out of nostalgia, more recent works like Born Free are among my favorite songs. I have even seen Kid Rock in concert twice, once on his own and once opening for Aerosmith.

My early sketches were on scrap bits of paper, doodled during breaks at work.

Kid Brick sketches
Sketches and pencil crayon drawing of Kid Brick. This is original artwork which cannot be used or reproduced in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

Speaking of Aerosmith, my Kid Brick image got inspiration from a performance where the two shared a stage. It was the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Kid Rock performed in red pants and a red hat. I was a die-hard Aerosmith fan at the time. Imagine my glee when Run DMC, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry joined Kid Rock on stage. That red look is kind of how I always picture Kid Rock.

Kid Brick
Kid Brick. This is an original artwork which cannot be used or reproduced in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

Originally, I thought about making Kid Brick jumping in the air with fireworks blazing around him. I made a few preliminary sketches on scrap bits of paper trying it out. In the end, I decided not to go with that look. I thought he was more recognizable without hair flying in the air. I kept the fireworks though 😉. Be sure to tune in again next Monday for the upcoming installment in my Fantasy Minifigure Series. Do you have a Fantasy Minifigure Series or character? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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Brickstock Fantasy Minifigures Series
Brickstock Fantasy Minifigures Series. This is an original artwork which cannot be used or reproduced in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

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