September 25, 2023

August 2021 Haul – What Did I get?

The summer wave of LEGO® sets has finally arrived in Canada. Along with it, a new gift-with-purchase (GWP) at the LEGO® Store. While the price point for the GWP is high, the sheer number of set releases makes it an easy target. Clearly, many AFOLs agreed. The staff at my local store told me stories of the August 1 line-ups. Fans were queuing already two hours before the store even opened. Instagram photos from around North America show similar scenes around the continent. I waited until the next day to make my August 2021 haul. While some sets sold out, I still checked a number of great items off my list.

Check out that GWP!

One of the highlights this month at the LEGO® Store is the latest GWP. It is a 330 brick Ideas kit called Sailboat Adventure (40487). This was the winner of a contest not too long ago, and what a great looking product it is. You have to spend a walloping $265 to get it though. That is one of the highest I have seen and many will find that inhibiting. I look forward to building it and seeing if it warrants the price point. The pictures certainly seem like it might be…

It’s a Minifigure Safari!

Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307) was the primary reason for my outing. I missed out on the first LEGO® elephants in my dark ages. The summer 2021 City announcements got me really excited because elephants were back. However, even more than that, there are white lions. My first degree was in wildlife biology, and I worked in South Africa years ago. I studied lions… white lions specifically. This City set brings me back. I can’t wait to build it. The LEGO® Store actually sold out of this one. I picked mine up at Toys R Us.

How can you have just one elephant? They are herd animals. Consequently, I also picked up Wildlife Rescue Operation (60302). This set includes an adult elephant and a calf. Additionally, you acquire a crocodile and some monkeys. I wished for African LEGO® animals a few years back as I was prepping the “About Me” section on this site. Perhaps now it is time for an update…

Back to medieval times.

Since 60307 was not available at the LEGO® Store, I picked up another item on my wish list. Creator 3-in-1 jumped back to the Castles theme of old this year. Medieval Castle (31120) follows nicely from Medieval Blacksmith earlier this year too. It even includes Black Falcon Knights like the blacksmith shop did as well. Black Falcon Knights were my first faction. Additionally, the featured in my first real LEGO® set. I couldn’t resist.

A little August 2021 haul filler…

I was a few dollars under the $265 limit at the LEGO® Store. As such, I picked up a couple of golden keychains to fill the gap. I will remove the chains on these and display them as a statue somewhere in my city. I am a little disappointed by the tan hands though… It also has tan pit stains not seen in the photo. Finally, I also hit up Hallmark. The 2021 Keepsake Ornament series recently came out. It includes four additions based on LEGO® Minifigures, including Wonder Woman!

August 2021 haul: Wonder Woman ornament

There you have my August 2021 haul. You’ve also got an idea of some of the reviews coming your way in the coming weeks. Catch another look at these acquisitions in my haul video on YouTube. Did you pick up anything from the new wave of sets? Or perhaps you bought some stuff just to get the Sailboat Adventure set? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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2 thoughts on “August 2021 Haul – What Did I get?

  1. Nice haul, Tom. All those sets are near the top of on my wanted list too. Except for the Hallmark ornament. I must say, I’ve never considered them. Ornaments ain’t my thing.

    1. Thanks! Great minds think alike. Ornaments are not for everyone. I have a small geek tree at Christmas that I deck out with super heroes… Been buying an ornament for it every year since I was a teenager.

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