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Vintage Car (40448) Review

In October 2019, LEGO® Ideas held a contest for designing vintage cars. Subsequently, a fan vote determined the winner. The victorious design now has the esteemed honor of becoming the next LEGO® gift-with-purchase set. The Vintage Car (40448) set is available throughout January 2021. Additionally, it is free with all purchases over $85 CAD. The LEGO® Group kindly sent me

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Bricklink Designer Program

Bricklink designer program

It is no secret that AFOLs were apprehensive when the LEGO® Group acquired Bricklink. Personally, I was happy with the change. However, I know many fans did not like the idea of the LEGO® Group meddling in the online marketplace. The partnership has seen some bumps and shake-ups. However, my experience on Bricklink as a buyer remains largely unchanged. Now,

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Sesame Street (21324) Review

LEGO® Ideas often puts out amusing licensed sets that do not fall under other LEGO® themes. The latest offering is a throwback to many an AFOL’s early childhood memories. Sesame Street (21324) is based on the iconic television program of the same name. The series originally aired in November 1969 and has continued for over 50 seasons, garnering 189 Emmy

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The First 2020 Ideas Set is…

LEGO® Ideas has been buzzing with news of late. The biggest scoop came earlier this week with the announcement of the first 2020 Ideas set.  A whopping 26 ideas reached 10,000 supporters on the LEGO® Ideas platform earlier this year. Of them, the first 2020 LEGO® Ideas set is the Earth Globe by Guillaume Roussel (aka Disneybrick55). Roussel designed the

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Ideas Summer 2020

As many of you know, LEGO® Ideas is a platform on which fans can submit their own designs to become actual sets. In order to achieve that distinction, fellow enthusiasts need to vote. 10,000 supporters lands designers the chance to be reviewed by the LEGO® Group. Twelve sets were under review in the latest round. Subsequently, three were selected to

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