September 29, 2023

February 2021 LEGO® Haul

The month is only half over and I have already done a significant amount of shopping. I could not help myself. My name is Tom, and I am a LEGO® addict. In my own defense, I got some sweet deals. Additionally, the recent COVID lockdown in my area eased a little. Consequently, I was finally able to go and get Minifigures Series 21. Now, my pile of shame has grown, but you have plenty more fun reviews to look forward to in the coming weeks. Without further ado, here is my February 2021 LEGO® haul.

February 2021 LEGO® Haul


I went a little fan-boy crazy with this set. I stayed up past midnight on January 31 to order this set. The official release date was February 1. However, with the tendency for new LEGO® sets to sell out, I did not want to risk missing out. This latest Ideas set holds a lot of nostalgic value for me. My first themed LEGO® set was Black Falcon’s Fortress and the faction of knights makes a comeback in this set. Additionally, my sister and I spent countless hours playing with castles sets growing up. Incidentally, I was so excited by this set that I have already built it. Expect a review later this week.

February 2021 LEGO® Haul: Medieval Blacksmith.

02. SHIP IN A BOTTLE (92177)

This set is a re-release of the original Ideas 21313 set. The set retired, but was re-issued by popular demand with a new set number and packaging. I missed out on the first one. I debated it for too long and let some good sales slip through my fingers. Truthfully, I never wanted this set for the build itself. As such, I found it hard to invest in. My interest in this piece stems from the uniquely shaped clear bricks. I have a MOC in mind that will use those curved corner pieces making up the bottle. Amazon recently sold this set for 30% off. Consequently, I decided to bite the bullet.


AFOL appreciation day recently passed at the LEGO® Store. For those unfamiliar with the event, adult fans get a 15% discount in store. There are a few of these events each year. However, you have to be a member of a recognized community or LEGO® User Group (LUG) to take part. If you are interested in joining a LUG, there are several across Canada. As a LEGO® Ambassador, I am also able to take part. I love the Chinese New Year sets. Last year’s Lion Dance and Temple Fair were amazing. Sadly, I did not jump on this one early enough in the year and it sold out online. However, my local store does curbside pickup orders during the pandemic. They had this set in stock on AFOL day, so I picked one up as part of my February 2021 LEGO® Haul.

Spring Lantern Festival

04. POLICE STATION (10278)

The yearly modular is a must have for my LEGO® city. While I already have a custom police station, I still like the look of this one. Ultimately, I might customize it into a different establishment. I like my custom station, and I do not feel like I need two police stations in my city. However, I will reserve judgement on that until I have actually built this one. This set is also hard to find online though. Consequently, I picked it up on AFOL day as well at my local LEGO® Store.

Police Station from my February 2021 LEGO® Haul.


I waited a long time for these. My area has been under a COVID lockdown for some time now. As such, I have been unable to go out and get Series 21. Granted, I could have ordered them online. However, the likelihood of getting each character is quite low by that route. I ran into a similar problem last year when the pandemic began. Non-essential services opened this past week. Subsequently, I made my way to Toys R Us with my sanitizer bottle. I disinfected my hands before and after touching the packets in store. As a result, I think I have all 12 Minifigures. I will have to open them all soon to be sure.

February 2021 LEGO® Haul Minifigures Series 21 packet.


My February 2021 LEGO® haul landed me several gifts with purchase. In fact, I now have duplicates of several freebies. I received one Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box and Flower and Year of the Ox set with my Medieval Blacksmith online order. I got duplicate of each with my AFOL day purchases. Additionally, my local LEGO® Store still had the Vintage Car from early January. Additionally, even though I did not buy any Harry Potter sets, the awesome staff threw in the Monster Book of Monsters set. You currently have to spend $75 or more on Harry Potter sets to get that one.

I went a little crazy this month… And there is more on the way. In a week, I will have more goodies to share with you all. However, I will leave you in suspense until then 😉 Did you make a haul this month? I would love to hear about it in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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