June 5, 2023

Vidiyo Products Announced for March 2021

Back in January, the LEGO® Group teased a new musical product. Now, these Vidiyo products were announced for March 2021. Additionally, we have official images, pricing information, and details about the augmented reality involved. At its core, Vidiyo appears similar to the collectible Minifigures series. However, it has a musical twist. The first wave includes six “BeatBox” sets. Each BeatBox retails for $24.99 in Canada and includes a Minifigure related to a specific music genre. In addition, Beatboxes include 16 BeatBits (LEGO® tiles printed to resemble album covers) and a brick-built stage. Two BeatBits are unique to each character, while the other 14 are randomly included.

Vidiyo products announced include six unique BeatBoxes, each with an original character.
BeatBox characters and music genres. Photo used with permission. ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

In addition to BeatBoxes, the first wave includes 12 Bandmates. These Minifigures come in mystery boxes with one unique and two random BeatBits. Additionally, each character has a display base. Unfortunately, the mystery box makes collecting each character difficult. With the regular collectible Minifigures, you can feel what is inside each blind bag. Conversely, that becomes impossible with a box. Consequently, collectors are in for a rough time getting all of these characters. Each Bandmate retails for $4.99 in Canada. Wave one characters include Bunny Dancer, Banshee Singer, Ice Cream Saxophonist, Discowboy Singer, DJ Cheetah, Cotton Candy Cheerleader, Red Panda Dancer, Alien Keytarist, Genie Dancer, Werewolf Drummer, Shark Singer, and Samurapper.

Beatboxes and Bandmates feature collectible Minifigures.

Vidiyo products announced include msytery box characters.
Vidiyo products announced include mystery box characters. Photo used with permission. ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

BeatBits play an integral part in the augmented reality aspect of the theme. By downloading an app, fans create 60 second music videos featuring Vidiyo Minifigures in the real world. Purchased characters and BeatBits load into the app. Ultimately, you include up to two performers and three bandmates in each video. BeatBits give the characters special video effects, costumes, and dance moves, among other things. The base color of the tile determines what quality each Beatbit bestows.

  • Black BeatBits: video effects
  • Pink BeatBits: costumes and looks
  • Aqua BeatBits: sound effects
  • Orange BeatBits: comedic effects
  • Yellow BeatBits: dance moves
  • Green BeatBits: scenery and backgrounds
Vidiyo products announced include BeatBits that give minifigures special qualities.
BeatBits. Photo used with permission. ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

Vidiyo launches March 1, 2021 with 30 songs available in the app. The music comes through the LEGO® Group’s partnership with Universal Music. Reportedly, the app features all 30 tracks from the get-go with more to come. The exact track listing is not available at the moment. However, it features “chart toppers and ultimate classics”. I am intrigued by this concept. However, I wish the characters were less “out-there” and more realistic. Imagine if you could have your favorite artist as a Minifigure rocking out to your favorite songs? What are your thoughts on the Vidiyo products announced? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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