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Spring Lantern Festival (80107) Review

The Spring Lantern Festival (80107) is a beautiful set chock full of detail and colour. This lovely build recreates a traditional Asian garden featuring plenty of accurate details. The brick-built fun includes moon gates, pavilion, pond, bridge, and a light-up ox lantern. Adding to the accuracy and fun are plenty of buildable lanterns, Chun Lian banners, rabbit lantern and 8

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Chinese New Year 2021 Sets

2021 is looming ever closer. As it nears, we are also beginning to get wind of the first LEGO® sets coming our way. Earlier today, the LEGO® Group announced the Chinese New Year 2021 sets. Additionally, we get a sneak peak at one of six new Monkie Kid sets. 2021 marks the third consecutive year for Chinese Festival sets. Last

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