December 2, 2023

January 2020 LEGO® Haul

It has been a busy month, and I acquired quite a few great sets in my January 2020 LEGO® haul. I bought way more than I intended… Additionally, the LEGO® Group sent me a pretty cool freebie this month: a pre-release copy of the upcoming Ideas International Space Station set. I already built and reviewed that one (click here to read more). Consequently, I will not spend more time on that set in this post since I have already talked about it quite a bit.

January 2020 LEGO® haul
January 2020 LEGO® Haul.

This month’s LEGO® spree began early in the month when I found the Arctic Ice Glider on sale for 45% off at Chapters. I really enjoyed the Arctic theme, and still envisage some creative projects surrounding the sets. The Ice Glider looked like a fun little set, and the savings were excellent. So, I picked one up.

Arctic Ice Glider
I got this Arctic Ice Glider for 45% off.

My second purchase was just to test my affiliate links here at True North Bricks. I ordered the Ninjago Gamer’s Market in a routine diagnostic check of my links. I picked this set because there are a lot of Minifigures. In my mind, this set appears to be the Ninjago equivalent of a City people pack, only you also get something more substantial to build. I suppose we will find out in the review if that holds true.

The Ninjago Gamer’s Market features nine Minifigures!

Ninjago Gamers Market
Ninjago Gamers Market

Next came AFOL shopping day at the LEGO® Store. This is an adult only shopping event that happens before regular store hours at select locations. As a member of an officially recognized LEGO® fan community, you get to shop with other like-minded individuals. Additionally, there are no kids crowding the Build-A-Mini station or Pick-And-Build wall, and all purchases are 15% off. I went in armed with a slew of redeemed VIP points and my gift card from Christmas. I picked my purchases, went to the cash, and my VIP points were missing from my account.

Year of the Rat freebie.
Year of the Rat freebie.

As many of you know, the VIP system changed last summer (click here to read more). Nowadays, you redeem your points in the Rewards Center before you can use them online or in store. Consequently, I went through the process the night before AFOL day. I got an email confirming the successful redemption of points. Additionally, it stated that vouchers would appear on my account in store. However, no vouchers appeared, and my points were gone. Luckily, my local LEGO® Store has amazing staff and awesome managers. They called LEGO® customer service and opened a file for me to follow up on. Additionally, the manager gave me my vouchers-worth off my purchase without using my points. Finally, I also got an extra Year of the Rat freebie on top of the one that purchase got me.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Freebie
Obi-Wan Kenobi freebie.

My local LEGO® Store has amazing staff, so a special shout out to them!

I went home happy after AFOL day despite the hiccup with my points. I called customer service later in the week as the staff at the LEGO® Store recommended. They updated something in my account and told me that my vouchers would appear the next time I went shopping. So, with an unanticipated extra set of vouchers, I went back to the LEGO® Store. However, once again, said vouchers did not appear. Despite having already given me a discount and an extra freebie, the store manager once again called customer service, and straightened out the issue. I got my points and discount, and then he gave me another freebie that I did not actually earn. So, a shout out and thanks to all the amazing staff at my local LEGO® Store. You guys rock!

Now, back to my haul. On AFOL day, I raided the Build-A-Mini station for all the new parts. I built six Minifigures in all. I also picked up the new Speed Champions Lamborghini set. Growing up, the Lamborghini Countach and Diablo were my favorite cars. I dreamed of having one some day. Even though this set includes neither of those models, the Huracan is still a sleek looing car. Now, I can live vicariously through my Sigfig! Additionally, my purchase earned the Year of the Rat freebie, which I ended up getting two of for the inconvenience of my missing VIP points.

I can live vicariously through my Sigfig, who will soon have a Lamborghini.

LEGO® Lamborghinis
LEGO® Lamborghinis

Upon my return to the LEGO® Store to spend my missing points, I picked up the Creator Monster Burger Truck. It is a slightly silly concept. However, it is silly in a humorous sense that makes it somewhat endearing. I have a couple of food trucks in my custom city, so we will see how this one fits in. The purchase earned me the current Hidden Side Drag Racer freebie. Additionally, I got the Obi-Wan Kenobi Minifigure for the recurring issue with my VIP points. That freebie normally only comes with Star Wars purchases over $40.

Monster Burger Truck
Monster Burger Truck

Overall, it was a big month for set acquisitions for me. If all goes according to plan, next month will be as well. I may have a shipment from the LEGO® Group on the horizon. However, that is the only hint I will give for now. You will have to wait a few more weeks for the specifics. Did you pick up a January 2020 LEGO® haul? Please share the details in the comments below or shout out on social media.

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Hidden Side Drag Racer Freebie
Hidden Side Drag Racer freebie

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