October 1, 2023
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2023 Winter Village Collection Announcement: The Alpine Lodge

I am always reminded how quickly the end of the year is approaching when the LEGO® Group announces the latest addition to the Winter Village Collection. This Icons set is a big deal for many AFOL collectors who set up their winter villages each year in time for the holidays… or in some cases, never take them down. For me, the collection is a little hit and miss. I’ve collected the odd set over the years, but I’ve also been anything but consistent. However, the 2023 Winter Village Collection add-on has given me pause. Truthfully, I’m intrigued. I like the look of the Alpine Lodge and its log cabin exterior. In fact, this set might just be on my wish list.

The Alpine Lodge set specifics

  • SET #: 10325
  • THEME: Icons – Winter Village Collection
  • COST: $129.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 1517
  • VIP RELEASE DATE: October 1, 2023
  • GENERAL RELEASE DATE: October 4, 2023
  • COST/BRICK: $0.086 (excellent value)
  • BRICKS/FIG: 303 (low minifig count)
©2023 The LEGO® Group

Take a look at that cost/brick! WOW – what a great value. I was shocked when the Viking Village announcement came out and the set was only $0.08/brick. I did a double take and recalculation. Now, we get a second set with about the same cost/brick. However, it comes with one caveat… Minifigure count. Like the Viking Village again, we don’t get many Minifigures. While that is not unheard of for the Winter Village Collection, I begin to wonder if fewer Minifigures is a cost savings measure in this day and age.

©2023 The LEGO® Group

And can we just talk about that outhouse for a moment? Bathroom humor is right up my alley. While I wouldn’t want to stay at a lodge with only an outhouse, this build made me chuckle. Not to mention all those fern elements! Additionally, the Alpine lodge comes with a light brick which apparently serves to illuminate two different fireplaces. I think there’s probably too many side builds in this set for my liking… but the outhouse, those trees, and toasty fires in a log cabin certainly add to the story.

I remain on the fence about the number of side builds… apart from the necessary outhouse and trees, the other bricks could provide more detail to the lodge. But the top view of the pond does show the scale of that build better than the side profile images do. I’ll reserve further judgement until I build the set. With that said, October 2023 is shaping up to be quite a month for releases. I’ve already got the Viking Village on my wish list… Will you pick up the Alpine Lodge? Do you think it has too many side builds? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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2023 Winter Village Collection Alpine Lodge
©2023 The LEGO® Group.

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2 thoughts on “2023 Winter Village Collection Announcement: The Alpine Lodge

  1. A lot of bricks used in the chimney.
    I like the outhouse in particular..
    A decent price.
    This one will be added to our winter Christmas theme.
    Thank you for the quick review.

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