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O come all ye faithful AFOLs, there’s a new Christmas set on the way. Santa’s Visit (10293) is 2021’s seasonal offering that’s a perfect addition to your Winter Village Collection. For this festive season, The LEGO® Group is giving us a classic scene; Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve to a lovely home and family. The seasonal sets are often a

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Elf Club House (10275) Review

Before we know it, the Christmas shopping season will be upon us. In fact, LEGO® holiday themed sets are already popping up. The advent calendars came out in early September. Shortly after, Winter Snowball Fight hit the market. It was followed by the BrickHeadz Nutcracker and Christmas Wreath. This week, the LEGO® Group announced the 2020 Winter Village Collection set.

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Elf Club House Coming Soon

Christmas is coming. Yes, I know it is only September. However, the LEGO® Group is clearly gearing up for the Holidays. We have already seen the Winter Snowball Fight, BrickHeadz Nutcracker, and the Christmas Wreath. Now, word has come of the 2020 Winter Village Collection set. Time to unpack those Santa hats and jingle bells, the Elf Club House is

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