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Biggest LEGO® Castle Sets 2022

Biggest Castle Sets

Many products reminiscent of the classic LEGO® Castle theme surfaced in recent months. Perhaps the most exciting of those is Lion Knights Castle. The LEGO® Group designed this set for their 90th anniversary celebration. It took inspiration from many of the castles seen through the ’80s and ’90s. Additionally, it redefined the list of the biggest castle sets ever produced.

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VESPA 125 (10298) REVIEW

Vespa 125

The Vespa 125 is a real stand out in the iconic pale blue with the nicely contrasting dark blue seats and spare tire cover. The curved lines look amazing and really capture the 1960s Vespa synonymous with Italian culture. The LEGO® designers teamed up with Vespa Piaggio on this set. And the confluence of these two culture powerhouses has resulted

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Loop Coaster (10303) Revealed

After a two year hiatus, the LEGO® Fairground collection makes a triumphant return. The last ride for amusement park enthusiasts came in 2020 with the Haunted House. Today, the Loop Coaster (10303) was revealed. This is the second roller coaster in the collection. The first was 10261 from 2018. However, Loop Coaster ups the ante by adding not one, but

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LEGO® Icons Rebrand

LEGO Icons Rebrand

“Adults Welcome” has been a common phrase in LEGO® ads for some time now. In fact, the first “18+” boxes appeared in 2020. At the time, sets formerly under the Creator Expert moniker received a packaging update. The sets remain classified under that theme online to this day. However, all of that is about to change with the LEGO® Icons

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Optimus Prime (10302) Review

Today, we have a special review and set reveal all in one! Fans of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons will surely rejoice. On June 1, 2022, the LEGO® Group will release the Transformers Optimus Prime (10302) set. Incidentally, the kit is based on the iconic Hasbro franchise. The LEGO® Group sent True North Bricks a pre-release copy of the set for

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2022 Botanical Collection Announced

The LEGO® Group announced two more sets due on May 1. We previously discussed the Friends Space Academy set. Today, we learn of the 2022 Botanical Collection. These new sets join the ranks of the Bouquet, Bonsai Tree, and Bird of Paradise released in 2021. This year, we get the Orchid and Succulents. While I have not purchased the Bird

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BTTF Time Machine (10300) Review

So as obvious as it is, I have to start with: “GREAT SCOTT”. Ok. now that I have that off my chest, welcome to the Back to the Future (BTTF from here on out) Time Machine (10300) review! This iconic vehicle needs little in the way of introduction. Even if you’re not familiar with the films overall, you will no

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