September 30, 2023

Early March 2023 Promotions

With the end of the Moving Truck gift-with-purchase (GWP), many of us have waited for news of new offers. Well, the wait is over. The early March 2023 promotions start today! First up, some great news for Super Mario fans. With Mar10 Day just around the corner, it makes sense that we’re seeing a nice Mario offer. However, unlike last year, the LEGO® Store does not appear to have a GWP. Instead, we’re seeing double VIP points on all Mario sets from March 4 to 10.

Early March 2023 promotions include double VIP points on Mario sets.
Get double VIP points on all Super Mario Sets from March 4 – 12, 2023 in celebration of Mar10 Day.

In addition to double VIP points on Mario sets, the LEGO® Store is also offering new GWPs. You might want to sit down for the first one. Houses of the World 1 is coming back. The LEGO® Store originally gave this set out with purchases over $350 CAD in January. For this second round, the price point remains the same. This set caused a fair amount of upset in the AFOL community earlier this year. Many (myself included) felt the price point to get one was far too high. With that said, if you are upset about missing out, you now have another chance. As before, this set is only for VIPs.

At a lower price point, you can get a Friends BFF notebook with purchases of $85 CAD or more from Friends, DOTS, Classic, Creator 3-in-1, and/or Disney Princess. The notebook includes sticker sheets and has a value of $20.49 CAD. The offer is valid from March 4 to 12, or while supplies last.

Early March 2023 promotions include a Friends BFF Notebook GWP.
Friends BFF Notebook GWP available with Friends, DOTS, Classic, Creator 3-in-1, and/or Disney Princess sets. Offer valid from March 4 – 12, 2023 or while supplies last. Purchase of $85 CAD or more required.

Finally, remember that the Lord of the Rings Rivendell set goes up for VIP presale on March 5. Buying the set before March 7 earns you a free Frodo and Gollum BrickHeadz set. I kind of wish the LEGO® Group had developed something a little more exclusive and unique for such an expensive set. I have no interest in BrickHeadz. As such, I don’t feel a need to rush and buy Rivendell. However, if you like BrickHeadz, this offer might be right for you.

Frodo and Gollum BrickHeadz set free with the purchase of Rivendell from March 5 – 7, 2023.

Stay tuned, because there is more Mar10 Day news on the way. If rumors are true, the LEGO® Group will have some big reveals for the event. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the early March 2023 promotions. Are you happy to see the return of Houses of the World 1? Will you make any Super Mario purchases for double points? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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