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Nintendo Entertainment System coming soon

The LEGO® Group just announced the latest installment of the partnership with Nintendo. On August 1, 2020, fans can build the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System. The set targets adult fans nostalgic for the original Nintendo of their youth. Additionally, the kit celebrates the 35th anniversary of the platform’s North American release. NES hit store shelves October 18, 1985. SET SPECIFICS:

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Mario Power-Up Packs

LEGO® Super Mario Power-Up packs are now on the list of upcoming releases for summer 2020. These little kits feature new outfits and abilities for LEGO® Mario. However, none are standalone sets. Consider them upgrades to the base character, like you get in the video games. Therefore, the starter pack is required to use these. The computer portion of Mario

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More Mario!

A press release from the LEGO® Group today announced that more Mario is on the way. We reported on the initial press release not too long ago (click here to read it). However, now there is a definitive release date, pricing information, and a free bonus with pre-orders! You can watch the official announcement video below. Today’s announcement came full

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