September 29, 2023
Moving Truck (40586) GWP
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Moving Truck (40586) GWP Revealed discreetly listed an upcoming gift-with-purchase (GWP) recently. They did not list a date for the availability of the promotion, but if it is already on the website, I speculate the offer is coming soon. After all, the current 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue set appeared online just before its GWP run. The upcoming set is the Moving Truck (40586) GWP.

Moving Truck (40586) GWP Specifics

  • NAME: Moving Truck
  • SET #: 40586
  • THEME: Icons
  • COST: GWP – threshold unknown
  • VALUE: $29.99 CAD ($24.99 USD)
  • BRICK COUNT: 301
  • RELEASE DATE: Unknown
  • COST/BRICK: $0.10 CAD (very good value at RRP)
  • BRICKS/FIG: 151 (good minifig count for a set this size)
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Interestingly, advertises the Moving Truck as a Jazz Club modular tie-in. This begs the question, why wasn’t it available when the Jazz Club first came out? While we got the amazing Blacktron Cruiser in early January, it seems to me like these two GWPs should have been reversed. A lot of collectors probably bought the Jazz Club when it first came out. A whole slew more likely acquired it now with the February 2023 double VIP points event. With that said, if the Jazz Club is still on your wish list, you might want to consider picking it up whenever this promotion begins. Here’s what has to say about the set:

Introducing the LEGO® Icons Moving Truck (40586) building set, an immersive project for adults that’s sure to deliver hours of enjoyment. The set includes 2 LEGO minifigure movers who are on their way to deliver furniture to a jazz club. You can switch the minifigures’ expressions to tell fun stories, and the van has a removable roof and opening doors so you can fit all the accessories – including a jukebox and a piano – inside. Display your model as an eye-catching addition to any office or home.

We don’t know the release date for this set, nor do we know the price point to get one yet. With a $29.99 value in Canada, you can bet the price point to get this set will not be low. But if the recent Houses of the World set is any indication, buying the Jazz Club alone will not be sufficient to score you a Moving Truck (40586) GWP. Incidentally, you had to spend $350 CAD to acquire Houses of the World. However, there is hope. The current 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue GWP comes with purchases of $140 CAD, and it has the same value as Houses of the World. Only time will tell, I suppose. Are you looking forward to the Moving Truck? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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