September 29, 2023
B'Elanna Torres Fantasy Minifigure

B’Elanna Torres Fantasy Minifigure

It is Minifigure Monday! That means the time has come for a new fantasy Minifigure reveal. For the last few weeks, I have been sharing drawings of Star Trek characters. These are characters I would love to see as minifigs. You can see previous entries by clicking here. B’Elanna Torres was the third character to appear on Star Trek Voyager. Consequently, the third entry is the B’Elanna Torres fantasy Minifigure. Like Chakotay and Tuvok, Torres first appears as a Maquis rebel in the opening sequence of the pilot episode. She becomes Voyager’s chief engineer after the ship is stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Torres is a fiery Klingon-human hybrid.

B’Elanna Torres Fantasy Minifigure episode on YouTube.

For this drawing, I tried to catch B’Elanna’s easily irritable personality. Consequently, she has an angry expression and stance suggesting not to mess with her. Since there are no Klingon Minifigure parts in the LEGO® repertoire, I needed to improvise a little. B’Elanna’s hairpiece was inspired by the Shakespeare Minifigure hair. Obviously, I did not leave the character bald on top. However, the piece gave me ample room to play for Torres’ forehead ridges. As with other entries in the Voyager Fantasy Minifigures Series, I drew the character in Vectornator on my iPad. Backgrounds and text were added later on my computer.

The Shakespeare LEGO® minifig inspired the hairpiece in my drawing.

Belanna Torres fantasy minifigure.
This is an original artwork. It cannot be copied, modified, or used in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

In terms of action figures, B’Elanna appeared twice in the Playmates Voyager series. Firstly, in series one from 1995. There, Torres came in her Starfleet uniform. Second, in 1996 she showed up as a full Klingon. That character appeared in season one, episode 14, “Faces”. The plot involved Vidiians kidnapping Torres. Subsequently, they split the two halves of her genome into two different people.

I met actress Roxann Dawson at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.

Roxann Dawson portrayed Torres through all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager. I met the actress at the official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas back in 2012. I recall it being quite late by the time my turn came in the autograph line. However, I wanted to complete my Voyager autograph collection as best I could on that trip. Dawson was really friendly and chatted a little with me. That’s always nice. These actors spend hours sitting at the same table signing pictures and memorabilia. Talking to people just makes the process slower. However, from a fan perspective, it makes the experience really memorable.

Three minifigs down and nine to go! Be sure to check back next week for the fourth reveal in the series. Since we are going through this in order of character appearance on the show, can you guess who is next? Here’s a hint: it was not someone who was originally part of Voyager’s crew, but someone they pick up early along the way…

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Star Trek Voyager fantasy minifigure series with Belanna Torres fantasy minifigure.
Star Trek Voyager fantasy Minifigure series. This is an original artwork. It which cannot be copied, modified, or used in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

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  1. Great drawing as usual. You’ve got the expressions down pat. I enjoy your collections section and convention experiences. Reminds me of my own Doctor Who convention times and meeting the stars.

    As for next figure, I have no idea. I’ll take a guess and say it’s the Doctor.

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