June 5, 2023

Majestic Tiger (31129) Review

The tiger is my favorite animal. It has been since high school. A few years ago, I was thrilled when the LEGO® Group produced a minifig scale tiger figurine. While I did not purchase the set it came in, I did order one from Bricklink. Now in 2022, the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac, we get an epic Creator 3-in-1 Majestic Tiger (31129). I could not wait to get this set. In fact, I have two. I picked one up in my January 2022 haul, and then the LEGO® Group sent me another one. Did I need two? That is a most definite YES!!!

NOTE: The LEGO® Group provided this set for review. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable review. True North Bricks’ usual rating system applies (click here for more information).


  • NAME: Majestic Tiger
  • SET #: 31129
  • THEME: Creator 3-in-1
  • COST: $64.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 755
  • RELEASE DATE: January 2, 2022


  • VALUE: 94% (Excellent cost-per-brick and very good build time.)
  • BUILD: 100% (I love this build. It is so lifelike.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 100% (Great set, certainly a display piece.)
  • OVERALL SCORE: 98% (Excellent set.)


VALUE: 94%

The Majestic Tiger costs $64.99 in Canada and includes 755 pieces. The resulting cost-per-brick is $0.09. For a Creator set, that is amazing. For a LEGO® set in general, it is not as good, but still excellent. Consequently, no matter how you look at it, you get a great deal on bricks with this set. Additionally, the build time is pretty good too. The Majestic Tiger took me an hour and 49 minutes to assemble. It is not the best time I have gotten for sets of similar size, but it is still good. Based on the cost-per-brick and build time, I rate the value at 94%.

BUILD: 100%

WOW. What else can you say about the Majestic Tiger? It is just that, Majestic. I think this is the most anatomically accurate LEGO® model I have ever seen. Designers really did my favorite animal justice. I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about this model… except maybe the butt hole. Yes, this model is THAT anatomically accurate. Designers put a pink flower piece right where the anus would be. That might be a little too anatomically accurate for my liking. It’s an easy fix for anyone who doesn’t like it though.

The Majestic Tiger features 18 points of articulation. The jaw moves, the neck moves, there are two joints in the body, the limbs move, each ankle moves, and the tail has six ball joints. I love the joints in the body. It gives the tiger such life-like poseability. And the brickwork used to create stripes and fur-like structure is amazing. If ever you wanted to learn how to build feline anatomy out of LEGO® bricks, this is the only tutorial you need. 100%.


I said it in the last section, I will say it again. WOW. I really love this set. I can’t imagine taking this apart. Consequently, the Majestic Tiger will find a permanent display place in my house. Perhaps in front of my small collection of tiger books, perhaps in my LEGO® room, or maybe in my office. This set is a fun build, and it looks amazing. Additionally, this is a 3-in-1 kit. Consequently, you gain hours of extra build time should you choose to disassemble the tiger. The alternate builds include a red panda and a koi fish. I give the Majestic Tiger 100% in the entertainment category too.


I love, love, love the Majestic Tiger (31129). The value is quite good but remains the only reason this set does not get 100% in this review. The anatomical accuracy and articulation are amazing. Additionally, the finished model has so much posing potential and looks fantastic. This is my favorite set of 2022 so far. What do you think of the Majestic Tiger? Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out on social media.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I just picked this up at Costco for $50, so can’t wait till it arrives!

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