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Hospital (60330) Review

I have long dreamt about building a super hospital for my LEGO® city. In fact, I have collected three hospital sets to amalgamate to that end already. I have reviewed two of those, 7892 and 60204, already. Getting more ideas for departments to include and equipment to build is always a priority. Consequently, the LEGO® Group’s announcement of a new

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Boutique Hotel (10297) Review

The new LEGO® modular building is always a highlight of the year. I really look forward to the reveal, as well as the build. Rumors have circulated for some time concerning the upcoming 2022 edition. However, the LEGO® Group graciously sent True North Bricks a pre-release copy. We can now reveal that the set is the Boutique Hotel (10297). The

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Santa’s Sleigh (40499) Review

The approaching Holidays always bring great new seasonal LEGO® sets to store shelves. This year, one such set is Santa’s Sleigh (40499). After the 2020 Elf Clubhouse introduced the reindeer figurine, fans went wild. People ordered it like nobody’s business on Bricks and Pieces, and the figurine frequently sold out as soon as it appeared online. The reindeer was such

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