September 29, 2023

November 2021 Pile of Shame Update

I have not been undertaking major LEGO® shopping sprees lately. Instead, I have picked up the occasional set here and there in order to take advantage of special promotions. The LEGO® Group has also continued to send me awesome review material, which cuts down on the number of sets that I need to purchase. Consequently, I have not done a “haul” post in a while. However, yesterday I visited the LEGO® Store in Ottawa. I had never been there before. Who goes to the LEGO® Store without buying anything? Not me. Since the haul was not a huge one, I decided to also share a November 2021 Pile of Shame update… Now you get a sneak peak at some of the reviews coming your way here on True North Bricks.

In terms of my recent purchases, this haul took place at three different locations. First, I picked up a few personal interest sets at my local LEGO® Store. My good buddy, Frank, reviewed the Everyone Is Awesome set for True North Bricks a while back. However, I wanted the set in my own collection as well for all the colorful Minifigures. Consequently, I picked one up. I also acquired the Queer Eye Fab Five Loft. This kit comes with great Minifigures and an awesome brick selection. Look at all those white profile bricks! Finally, with Christmas coming, I want some seasonal reviews for December. As such, I picked up Santa’s Sleigh. If you look closely at the November 2021 Pile of Shame, you’ll also see I already have Santa’s Visit.

The second half of this haul took place at two locations in Ottawa. Firstly, I went to the LEGO® Store in the Rideau Center. I made a small purchase to qualify for the Coffee Cart GWP. Sadly, the store was all out of Coffee Carts… Recently, LEGO® Batmobiles seen on film have become a bit of an obsession. Consequently, the new Minifigure scale Batmobile from The Batman was a must. The LEGO® Group sent me the larger version of this already, you can read the review here. Subsequently, I picked up Duel on Mandalore because my two favorite Star Wars characters are finally in a set together. My final set purchase came from Walmart. I have LUG activity coming up in which I will need that set.

Finally, I also spent some time at the Build-A-Mini station. The Ottawa LEGO® Store had different pieces from my usual Build-A-Mini location. You can never have too many Erlenmeyer flasks or Jalapeno plates… Okay, maybe some people can. However, I have MOC ideas that could use them. Sombreros too, so I have stocked up on those over the years. Interestingly, I also found a blue pug costume, J.B.’s hairpiece from the defunct Hidden Side theme, chameleons, and balloon animals. For many of you, these parts probably are not new. Sadly, my local Build-A-Mini has not see new parts in some time.

Additions to my November 2021 Pile of Shame.
Additions to my November ’21 Pile of Shame.

Would I call this my November haul? No, probably not. Black Friday is coming… If last year is any indication, there might be a few more acquisitions on the way… I am expecting some amazing pre-release material from the LEGO® Group in the coming weeks too. However, I will keep you in suspense for more information on those. Have you picked up anything new lately? Did you manage to score the Coffee Cart gift-with-purchase? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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4 thoughts on “November 2021 Pile of Shame Update

  1. Whoa, there are some good sets (read: ones I covet) in that pile of shame, including the Ninjago Temple of Airjitsu and (!) a Brick Bounty. What?! Very nice!

    1. I’ve had it for a few years. Just have not had time to build it. Funny story… The set retired, then weirdly showed up months later on Amazon for 20% off. I thought it was a mistake, but took my chances. Turned out to be legit. I guess Amazon found some unsold sets in their warehouse or something. I’m really happy to have one.

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