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Fab 5 – Diverse Minifigures Series

This week we look at 2SLGBTQIA+ representation and the Fab 5 as we continue the diverse minifigures series. In June of last year, LEGO® introduced the fantastic set, Everyone is Awesome. This set celebrates the diversity of fans and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. This statement of support for diversity and inclusion was, for the most part, well received by LEGO® fans

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November 2021 Pile of Shame Update

I have not been undertaking major LEGO® shopping sprees lately. Instead, I have picked up the occasional set here and there in order to take advantage of special promotions. The LEGO® Group has also continued to send me awesome review material, which cuts down on the number of sets that I need to purchase. Consequently, I have not done a

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