September 29, 2023


O come all ye faithful AFOLs, there’s a new Christmas set on the way. Santa’s Visit (10293) is 2021’s seasonal offering that’s a perfect addition to your Winter Village Collection. For this festive season, The LEGO® Group is giving us a classic scene; Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve to a lovely home and family. The seasonal sets are often a huge hit with the community, getting lots of praise and selling quick! This follows on the heels of last year’s Elf Club House (10275) and the super popular Gingerbread House (10267) in 2019. Both these sets are still available on LEGO.COM, so there’s lots of opportunity to stock up with holiday fun. Let’s take a closer look.

Photo used with permission. ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

Santa’s Visit

  • SET #: 10293
  • THEME: Creator / Winter Village
  • COST: $139.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 1,445
  • VIP RELEASE DATE: September 16, 2021
  • GENERAL RELEASE DATE: October 1, 2021
  • COST/BRICK: $0.097 (excellent value)
  • DIMENSIONS: 19cm high x 27cm wide x 16cm deep
Photo used with permission. ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

By the Chimney, with Cookies

The official press release gives a nice glimpse into the great features we can expect:

The set is bursting with tiny details, such as a fireplace with stockings, a chimney (with enough space for Santa to slide down through), a child’s bedroom, a detailed kitchen with decorated dinner table, milk and cookies to leave out for Santa, and a comfy chair for him to curl up in.

It also features Winter Village’s first illuminated Christmas Tree! Just press down on the top of the tree to trigger the light brick hidden inside. The house is also decorated with boughs of holly and includes a snowy gate with mailbox. At the back, a roof panel articulates outwards for easier access to the upstairs bedroom.

This set is the latest creation of all-star designer Chris McVeigh, who has an amazing eye for playful detail. He is also the designer behind last year’ Elf Club House (10275) and the hugely popular Police Station (10278) modular set. I have been a huge fan of his online work even before he officially joined The LEGO® Group. He’s already getting quite a portfolio of awesome sets under his name. Chris hopes to “…inject a few of my own family traditions and experiences into this set from the new Christmas cookie to the hidden gifts.”

Deck the Halls. . . with Claws of Holly?

The details in Santa’s Visit are great. I especially love the use of Wolverine’s claws, now recoloured green, to represent garland and/or holly. They make a really ‘sharp’ NPU for the exterior decorating. The building itself is a very traditional construction and will fit in really nicely with existing sets. The light blue colour is a nice contrast to the snowy roofs and ground. Outside are some nice fences, trees and the typical snowy builds.

The interior is a built with some unique angles, but still has a nice amount of space. The main dining table looks great (that table cloth!) as does the oh-so-important chimney. The kitchen is fairly detailed and even has a clever micro-build of a stand mixer. We once again get a Christmas Tree build, but this year it gets some extra sparkle thanks to a light brick. Press down on the top and it glows. It’s a very clever idea and allows the tree to be a focal point of the build experience. Those new sugar cookie prints also look delicious – I’m sure Santa approves. The toy micro builds are as great as ever and really nicely round out the scene

4 Minifigures are included. Present for his 307th minifig is Santa Claus himself. Santa looks as traditional as ever in his red suit with nice torso print and dual molded legs. Gone are his glasses typically seen in the advent calendar version of this minfigure – I think Santa finally got some contact lenses. The 3 remaining figures are a mom, dad and young girl with some traditional torso and face prints. The young girl’s pajamas fit in nicely with the astronomy theme of her bedroom too. I’m also digging mom’s hair, she’s rocking the up-do. 🙂

Photo used with permission. ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

Tis The Season

The end of year is always a great time for new LEGO® sets. I always anticipate the announcements for the next modular build, winter waves, etc. And if you’re creating a perfect winter village, it’s an extra great time. 🎄🎁 There’s still lots to look forward to, especially the recently discovered Santa’s Sleigh (40499) set that will compliment this one beautifully. After all, Santa needs those reindeer to get where he’s needed. He can’t visit without his sweet ride!

What are your thoughts on Santa’s Visit? Does this make your wish list? Are you an avid collector of seasonal LEGO® sets? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below and as always, keep on brickin’.


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