May 30, 2023

Marvel Studios Minifigures Feel Guide

The LEGO Group recently sent True North Bricks a full box of the upcoming CMF series based on the various Marvel shows playing on Disney+. We already published a review and unboxing. If you follow along on YouTube, you may also have seen the feel guide mini-series we’ve been running for the last few days. However, watching a video is not always easy to do when you are in a store trying to find characters in blind bags. Consequently, here are my tips and tricks in one Marvel Studios Minifigures feel guide. I also included the video links, in case you were curious 😉


In part one of the Marvel Studios Minifigures feel guide, we summarized that each box contains a full three sets of Minifigures. The Minifigures are randomly packaged into the box. Consequently, you will not find all of the characters sequentially or clustered together without lottery winning odds on your side. The first four characters covered in our video are Scarlet Witch, White Vision, Monica Rambeau, and the Falcon. The first three appear in Wandavision, while the last is from Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Of the four, Monica was the most challenging for me to identify. However, with the information presented below, it should be much easier for you.


Marvel Studios Minifigures feel guide for Scarlet Witch.

The easiest way to identify the Scarlet Witch is to feel around the blind bag for her energy bolts. They are j-shaped pieces with a little handle for a minifig to hold onto. She is the only character in the series to have those pieces. To help you be sure, you can also feel there is a second plastic bag inside the blind bag. Additionally, she features a large hair piece of flowing plastic locks. Be careful though, many other characters are double-bagged as well and Captain Carter and Gamora also have long hair.


White Vision

Like Scarlet Witch, White Vision is also double-bagged due to his cape. The only way to identify White Vision is by feeling around for his computer. It comes in three pieces. The larger two are essentially book covers, like you see in the Harry Potter theme. You can feel the clasps on the back cover, as well as the Minifigure grip points (cylindrical) on both covers. The blind bag also contains a 1×2 tile printed to resemble a control board. That is not a good identifier though. Every character in this series comes with a 1×2 plate with a central stud so they can be posed on the small stands that each character also has. White Vison’s keyboard is smooth on top, with no studs. However, that remains an easy place to make a mistake.


Marvel Studios Minifigures Feel Guide - Monica Rambeau

I had trouble identifying this character. I was able to find three packets that contained the same parts assortment. However, I could not tell who it was until I had found one of each of the other Minifigures. Through process of elimination, I figured out it was Monica. However, if you’ve watched the YouTube videos, or looked at any pictures online, you can see she comes with a buildable little helicopter. It comes in pieces. The easiest parts to identify were the rod forming the propeller and the cheese-wedge making up the cockpit area. Finally, Monica also has a new, large hairpiece. It is worth noting that the box you see in store does not show Monica’s accessory. So, if like me, you rely on the box picture to help identify characters, you will be out of luck.


The Falcon

The Falcon is probably the easiest character to find in this series. His blind bag contains a large plate making up the brunt of the character’s wings. It is long and makes the blind bag feel rigid. You can’t miss it. Do not rely on the shield as an identifier because three other characters also feature one in the exact same shape.


In the second episode of the Marvel Studios Minifigures feel guide, we looked at Bucky Barnes, Loki, Sylvie, and T’Challa. Bucky’s look hails from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, while Loki and Sylvie are from Loki. T’Challa appears in he new What If…? series that explores alternate realities. In this particular case, what if T’Challa had become Star Lord instead of Black Panther? Of these characters, Bucky Barnes is the hardest to identify because he is easily confused with Zombie Captain America.


Marvel Studios Minifigures Feel Guide: Bucky Barnes

When I felt my way through these Minifigures, I ended up with four characters who I thought could be Bucky Barnes. I re-felt those four packages and decided that one of them was actually Zombie Captain America. You have to feel the blind bag carefully in order to tell the difference between Bucky’s hair and Cap’s helmet. It is hard to tell the difference through the packaging sometimes. The telltale way to identify Bucky is the presence of knives. The bag contains two knives attached by a sprue. Captain America does not have that piece.


Loki is one of the easier characters to find. He is the only one to come with a coffee mug, and that is how I identified him initially. However, the packaging also includes Throg. You can easily feel there is a small character in the bag. The bumps for eyes on the mold, and Throg’s Thor helmet wings are quickly identifiable.


Marvel Studios Minifigures Feel Guide: Sylvie

Again, this is a very easy character to find. The alligator is a big piece and it is hard to mistake. Sylvie’s hairpiece also features horns. If you are careful, you can feel the unbroken one as a second confirmation of the character. To be extra safe, Sylvie wields a machete. While Gamora also has sword-like bits, this one has a clear handle and a more rounded top edge. However, the alligator was enough for me in this case.


This character was not as easy as others to figure out. In the end, the most helpful pieces for me were the guns. Their u-shaped structure is unique in the series. However, T’Challa also comes with a helmet and a separate hairpiece. The helmet feels like a hairpiece, however, there is no opening in the front for a face.


In part three of the Marvel Studios Minifigures feel guide, we looked at Zombie Captain America, Captain Carter, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man, and Gamora. Of these characters, Zombie Cap is hardest to identify. As mentioned earlier, he is easily confused with Bucky Barnes. Interestingly, all of these characters appear in the What If…? series. They go well with the two sets based on the show that already appeared on store shelves. Captain Carter features an all new look from the one seen in the Hydra Stomper set. I much prefer this one, even if her Tesseract is not as nice.


Marvel Studios Minifigures Feel Guide: Captain America

The easiest way to find Zombie Cap is to find who he is not. Like I said before, I confused this one with Bucky Barnes. You have to really carefully feel the blind bag in order to tell the difference between Cap’s helmet and Bucky’s Hair. They both have identically shaped shields, so that is no help. Cap’s helmet is smoother than Bucky’s hairpiece, but you have to take your time making sure when feeling through the blind bag. The absence of the two knives on a sprue (which Bucky has) will tell you this is Zombie Captain America for sure.


Carter is identifiable using her hairpiece. The long, swirly nature of it is unique among Minifigures. However, if you do not feel carefully, her hair can be confused with other heroines in the series. In my opinion, the easiest identifying trait for Carter is the three 1×1 plates that make up the Tesseract. No other character has 1×1 pieces. Again, the shield is no help for Carter since three other characters also have them.


This is one of the many double-bagged characters in the series. As such, the thicker packaging can help you narrow down your search a little. What really gives Spider-Man away is the rope included in the package. When I first started feeling, I felt a small, cylindrical piece of plastic. Upon careful squeezing, I noticed another, and another. Then I realized they were all connected by a thinner piece of string. Once you find the rope, Spider-Man is an easy ID. However, the package also contains two heads, so that’s a help as well.


The simplest way to identify Gamora is using the pieces making up her blade. It comes in three parts. I identified the Star Wars lightsaber hilt in the middle first. However, it also has two blades to attach that are roughly triangular in shape. Finally, while Gamora’s hair mold is quite common in LEGO® sets, she is the only one sporting it in this series. The wave coming down the front shoulder is something to feel for that differentiates it from other styles in this collection.


There are a couple more pieces of general advice I can give you. Firstly, get used to how the small stand feels. This is the clear transparent piece first seen in the DC Comics Minifigures Series. It makes the characters look like they are jumping or flying. Every polybag has more than one. Secondly, don’t spend time trying to figure out which character has a 1×2 plate accessory. White Vision does, but all of the bags contain a 1×2 jumper plate. Otherwise, best of luck to you as you embark on your search. Hopefully this Marvel Studios Minifigures feel guide will help you out. Be sure to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below or on social media.

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