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Spider-Man’s Monster Truck (76174) Review

Buckle your seatbelts. This review might be a little rough. The LEGO® Group recently offered me the chance to review all the January 2021 Marvel Superheroes sets. Considering the sets have not been released, I was thrilled to accept. In fact, I have enjoyed the builds so far. However, I recently built Spider-Man’s Monster Truck VS Mysterio. One word repeatedly

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Thor Mech Armor (76169) Review

Thor Mech Armor

The True North Bricks pre-release reviews continue today with Thor Mech Armor (76169). Yesterday, we looked at Captain America Mech Armor. The Captain America variant is a fun set with lots of play potential. Additionally, collectors will enjoy the relatively inexpensive way to acquire a nice Captain America Minifigure. My initial impression of Thor Mech Armor is the same. While

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